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How Long Will NZers Let Moko Live?

Posted by te2ataria on December 15, 2009

sent by an Aussie

‘Moko Was Killed This Morning!’

Can You See the Coming Headlines?

It’s only a matter of time before Moko is abused to death by the sick visitors!

Before moving to Gisborne, Moko lived in Mahia; however, he finally left Mahia in late August 2009 after more than two years.

In Mahia Swimmers were  “roughhousing” with Moko, scarring his skin with sharp fingernails, watches and items of jewelery.

Blog received the following note from a regular reader in Australia:


‘How Long Will NZers Let Moko Live?’

I just read the following report posted on yahoo news, and it upset me so much had to post it to you.

I was also angry with the following rhetoric broadcast by our own media: Has Moko the dolphin flipped?

Could you blame him if he had flipped?

Regards H.C.”

Moko attacked by high school boys

A woman has reported seeing high school boys punching and hitting Moko at Gisborne’s Waikanae Beach last week.

The group harassed Moko then abused people who told them to leave the dolphin alone, Sue Clifton told The Gisborne Herald.

“The thing is if he had decided to retaliate, Moko would be blamed but it would be their own fault.

“The majority of us realise how lucky we are to have such a special animal interact with us the way he does, and then he has the misfortune to meet thugs like those boys.”

The incident was seen by many people, she said. —NZPA

Moko, a bottlenose who normally spends her time playing, bailed out two pygmy sperm whales that humans were struggling to help.The whales, a mother and calf, were stranded on Mahia Beach and had been in the care of human rescuers for over an hour. Initally successful, the workers were horrified to see the whales beach themselves again on a sandbar four times, indicating that they were probably on their way to an agonizing, complex death. It was at that point, Moko, who was described by an official on the scene as “altruistic” appeared, and let the pygmy sperm whales 200 yards down the beach to an open channel. There have been many instances of dolphins assisting weak swimmers, which may be instinctual, but this appears to be the first instance of interspecies help. Source of image and caption. May be subject to copyright.

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One Response to “How Long Will NZers Let Moko Live?”

  1. BKG said

    Poor bloke sounds like he died alone with a bunch of missing teeth, just like the rest of us migrants stuck in Hellzone!

    [BKG, where are you from? How can we help you? Moderator.]

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