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We don’t need coroners, judges, politicians

Posted by te2ataria on December 16, 2009

Murder by Natural Causes!

The boys in blue, the thick blue line, are doing such a fine job in New Zeelend

In a police state, you wouldn’t need so many extras, when the police can do all that need be done! The other way of looking at this is, the coroners, judges and politicians  do exactly what the police state tells them. so either way: We don’t need coroners, judges, politicians

Earlier I wrote, not a day, not an hour goes by without a body being found somewhere in New Zealand.

Take any city, “township,” road, blind alley, house, abandoned structure, cupboard, garage, burnt out wreckage of a car… look carefully, and you’ll find a body!

It’s no wonder New Zealand is among Top Ten destinations for “murder tourism.” [The others on the list are Afghanistan, Iraq, PNG, Somali…]

Interestingly (!) in most cases the police-instructed coroners want the curious public to believe that

  • A victim can commit suicide by first hanging himself, then walking to the  nearest bridge/ harbor and jumping into water
  • Bludgeon himself to death (!),  pretending it was an ‘accidental death
  • Shoot himself in the head, and then set the house on fire the next day.

Man died of natural causes: police

The body of a man was found in a parking lot next to a police station in Auckland at 6:00 am today. Police said he died of natural causes.

WTF? How on earth could anyone, even an experienced medical doctor, possibly claim to know how a person died without an autopsy and extensive lab tests?

The victim was found in the car park of Deaf New Zealand (NOT dumb and dumbest?) in Great North Rd, Avondale, Auckland, by two transvestite detectives, who were qualified in the sci-art of “autopsy by glancing,” on their way to work in the police station next door.

Police said they have identified the victim and his relatives were being informed. Original report.

BTW, these are the same perfidious police farce who  lied when saying that 60 to 70 per cent of sexual assault claims were false.

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