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The Bad News: Order of NZ Goes to Helen Clark

Posted by te2ataria on December 31, 2009

Sent by a reader in sewage city (Wellington)

The Bodily-Fluid Vampire of the UN

The Good News: She must get a wooden stake driven through her heart before title could be inherited by another vampire

It may be the first time most people hear about the Order of New Zealand. Below is a fairly accurate description:

The Order of New Zealand is a peacetime equivalent of the VC that goes to a league of the 20 most treacherous living Kiwis recognised for their outstanding service to the Crown and to the wealthiest of New Zealand. Politicians get the ONZ not for killing the “enemy” soldiers, but for screwing the poor in own territory.

Helen Clark. The Vampire of the UN gets the Order of New Zealand, instead of the wooden stake.

It’s no wonder that more than a third (6 out of the 17 members) of the Order of New Zealand, “the country’s highest honour”, are former politicians.

In case you have any shred of doubt on whose side the politicians in this country really are, check the Order of New Zealand list.

Helen Clark would be the eighth former politicians to hold the “honour” since 1987, year of the title’s inception.

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