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2. “New Year’s Honours NOT for the Clumsy”

Posted by te2ataria on January 2, 2010

sent by a reader

Sad Firefighters: F**k the New Year’s Honors

The Victoria Cross Nonsense Syndrome Shows Its Ugly Face Again: “Just getting yourself killed or injured isn’t the point, you’d also have to be one of the boys!”

Two of the firefighters injured in the Tamahere Icepak explosion say they are  pissed off because only their senior colleagues received Queen’s Service Medals.

Medals went to Waikato fire manager Roy Breeze, Waikato fire deputy manager Martin Berryman, Eastern fire manager Gary Talbot, Hamilton senior firefighter Peter Hallett and Waikato-Bay of Plenty [of fires] area manager Owen Kinsella, Waikato Times reported.

New Year’s honours list didn’t include any of the 5 firefighters who were injured in the explosion, as if implying the QSM was not for “clumsy firemen” who had to be rescued by members of the public.

One of the injured firefighters who was afraid of being “singled out” by the fire service said angrily:

“How is it that the guys that sit in their office all day get recognised when the people who were killed or injured get nothing – no recognition at all?” he said.

The peeved firefighter said he had spoken to one of the medal winners during the week, but and he had not “had the gall” to tell him about the honours’ list.

“Nothing was mentioned, I’m pretty pissed off … it’s another slap in the face to be honest,” he said.

He said it was a “load of rubbish”, total bullshit, to claim the medals were for “acts of bravery”.

“Whether we get recognised or not is irrelevant, but I don’t think any one of those people could give you an act of bravery that they performed that day.”

Another firefighter who was annoyed because only the senior staff had received the medals said:

“If it was just another building and a couple of guys got injured there would not be any medals being handed out”.

He also thoughts there were others who were more worthy of getting medals:

“What about the first crew that arrived, and the bystanders that were there – they showed bravery? There are photos of people lifting firefighters off the ground – they were the heroes that should have been made mention of”.

[Neither one of the two angry firefighters seemed to know exactly why they were shafted in the first place, or how they’d be shafted, again, the same way. TEAA]

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