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6. NZ Cop Demands Blow Job from Female Driver

Posted by te2ataria on January 4, 2010

sent by a reader in sewage city [Wellington]

Another blow job on demand case!

New Zealand cop demands a blow job from female driver threatening her son with physical harm

Police say they are investigating claims a police detective exposed himself to a woman and her young son in Papakura early Saturday morning.

The detective was said to have approached a woman in a parked car demanding her name and address. When she refused,  the detective identified himself as a police officer and flashed his badge against the car window.

The woman , accompanied by her 11-yo son, again refused to give her details, at which point  one of the cops exposed himself to the woman and her son and demanded they get out the car.

The woman then went to a nearby petrol station to summon help, but the two detectives followed her, NZPA said.

A personal friend of this writer who works for the police, and who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said  the first cop then frisked the woman and insisted the woman gave him a below job, again threatening her and her son with harm if she refused.

Uniform cops eventually arrived, but the two detectives refused to clear out until their sexual demands had been fulfilled. The two detectives from hell were then allegedly arrested.

Police has since confirmed that one of the two detectives would appear in Papakura District Court on a disorderly behaviour charge. It’s further believed that he will apply for name suppression, and almost certainly be granted one.

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5. Why Deborah Howell Death Suspicious

Posted by te2ataria on January 4, 2010

Sent by a reader in Auckland [edited by TEAA]

Deborah Howell was at least the 4th high profile North American killed in New Zealand in recent years

Yesterday the blog reported:

Deborah Howell, 68, a veteran editor and former Washington Post ombudsman was struck by a car and killed near Blenheim, New Zealand.

Today, a reader who had searched the blog archive wrote:

The death of Ms Howell becomes even more suspicious when you realize she was at least the fourth high profile North American to be killed in New Zealand in recent years.

In May 2006, Clifford Wayne Senter, 57, a construction-business owner was killed when he fell nearly 1,000 feet allegedly after climbing out of a helicopter on a mountaintop while hunting in New Zealand.


In January 2008, Kathryn Jane Barnett, 49, president, co-owner and publisher of Pique Newsmagazine in Canada, was fatally injured when a vehicle struck her bicycle.

In their initial reports, all of which have since been altered to short neutral bulletins, even the New Zealand corporate media admitted that ” the Canadian tourist was killed in mysterious circumstances.”


In February 2008, Alan Paul Leger, a 57-year-old executive from Boston, USA, was killed in New Zealand in mysterious circumstances.


In April 2009, the blog contributors  submitted:

A number of foreigners missing in New Zealand comprised wealthy individuals who were murdered for their money.

Key individuals within the SIS and NZ Immigration, who have access to private information on foreigners and are trained on surveillance and murder techniques, as well as a number of bank officers in international banks operating in this country are directly involved in the murders.


Even coincidences have a habit of not occurring too often! —something Yogi Bear might have said.

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4. Filipino Killed in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on January 4, 2010

sent by a reader

A Filipino national is believed to have been drowned as he was allegedly swept off rocks at west Auckland’s Piha Beach

The 35-year-old man was allegedly swept off the Dawsons Ledge rocks while fishing about 5.40pm yesterday in perfectly calm waters.

Search and Body Discovery

“Due to poor visibility and 3m swells the search was called off, and we won’t head back unless conditions are right and we have further information,” Piha patrol captain Billy Doyle was reported as saying.

The man must have drowned, he added. [So what the hurry?]

The man was seen above the surface for no more than 30 to 45 seconds before he disappeared under the water, Doyle said. “That suggests he was a non-swimmer”.

The Filipino victim was the second foreigner reported killed in New Zealand. This blog believes, however, that at least 4 – 6 other foreigners have been killed since the start of holidays, whose deaths have not been made public.

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