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8. NZ Govt Doctors 2009 Road Toll [as expected]

Posted by te2ataria on January 5, 2010

True No. of People Killed in NZ as a Result of Road Crashes in 2009 : At least 1,009 deaths [probably as many as 1,205]

The heavily doctored  figures “provisional 2009 road toll,”  supplied by NZ police farce:  384 deaths (!)

The heavily doctored figures are meant to confirm a down trend [sic]  in the number of deaths on New Zealand roads, in spite of the fact that the incidents of drunk-driving and drugged-driving in this country have multiplied by a combined factor of 12 folds.

In fact, you were Twice More Likely to Get Killed in NZ in 2009-10. See Drink-drive offences up 50 percent.

It’s frightening how murderously irresponsible the authorities are in this country. As of May 23, 2009, according to the blog’s carefully monitored estimates, at least 370 people had been killed on New Zealand roads since the start of 2009. Many more were injured, some near fatally, but their fates remain unknown.

To believe the official road toll is tantamount to believing that between May 23 and December 31, 2009 only 14 people were killed on New Zealand roads.

There’s carefully orchestrated campaign by the government and media not only to hide the truth from  the public, but to lie and manipulate the reality.

How could you believe a single statement made by the government?

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