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Ku Klux Klan cartoon angers Aussies

Posted by te2ataria on January 8, 2010

sent by a reader in England


Aussie reaction to the KKK cartoon another expression of racism: “How dare they, those *&^%#* Indians?”


India’s Mail Today ran the cartoon depicting a policeman with a Victoria state  police badge and a pointed KKK-style white hood.

Australia’s acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard said she had not seen the KKK cartoon but condemned it as ”deeply offensive.”

“Any suggestion of the kind is deeply offensive [specially when coming from Indians] and I would condemn the making of such comment.”

Julia Gillard to the Indian Community: “Let me define your rights …

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5 Responses to “Ku Klux Klan cartoon angers Aussies”

  1. Klaus said

    Are the police in Australia and New Zealand Freemasons or KKK?

  2. […] Ku Klux Klan cartoon angers Aussies […]

  3. adam said

    [Didn’t know ther was more than a few of you morons. Moderator]

  4. Considering the lynchings and draggings that are still occuring in the south of the USA STILL in 2010…. and seeing KKK Police in full effect… if they are watching illegal actions, aren’t they kinda guilty?

    Just sayin, they’d go pick up the people that watched and did nothing. But since they do have a KKK Mentality, they sat and watched as did the Jim Clarkes of the 1960’s in places like Selma and Birmingham, Alabama.

    I love this cartoon.

  5. Lady Freedom said

    [Not sure what you’re trying to say. Moderator K.]

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