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Racists and Liars

Posted by te2ataria on January 9, 2010

sent by a reader

Racist Aussies in High Places Who Deny the Charge Are Liars, Too!

If you need confirmation that the racist Aussie establishment sanctions the murder of not just Indian students, but little “colored” kids in faraway places, just follow the blood stains to Afghanistan.

  • The Melbourne Police Wizards: There is no evidence of Indian murders being racially motivated.
  • Deputy Prime Minister Gillard: “Any suggestion [that Australian Police are racist] is deeply, deeply offensive to the police officers involved and I would absolutely condemn the making of a comment like that.”
  • Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Simon Overland: “We know we’re not racist.”
  • Police Minister Bob Cameron: “Victoria Police is a very tolerant organisation and Victoria is a very tolerant state. To suggest that Victoria Police is racist is just plain wrong and it’s offensive to the good police we have here in Victoria.”
  • Police Association secretary Greg Davies: “”It’s based on nothing but obviously a slow news day in Delhi. The identity of the offender from the homicide in Footscray isn’t even known at this stage, so we don’t even know what nationality the offender is.”

[They could probably find a down-and-out pakeha and promise him a month supply of P, and who knows, they might get lucky and get the guy to sign a confession.]

  • “To say it’s a race-based crime is not only premature, but stupid.” Davies added.

Note the spin! The Indians’ frustration, which has been simmering for a number of years, finally came to a boil when Nitin Garg was stabbed to death. In 2009 a total of about 60 Indian students were murdered, killed or died from various causes.

In fact just days after the murder of Nitin Garg, Australian police revealed that the half-burnt body of another Indian youth had been found in New South Wales, Australia.

But this Greg Davies guy wins the first prize for shameless denial.

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