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Another Toxic Joke from New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on January 21, 2010

New Zealand: Clean and Green, Thanks to Powerful Chemicals

Brazilian couple,  showered with potent weedkiller while tramping, say New Zealand’s “clean, green” image is a toxic joke.

Welcome to New Zealand and Enjoy Your First 3 Poison Showers for Free!!

Caroline Leone and husband Rodrigo Ferreira Santos from Sao Paulo, Brazil, saved for their “dream trip” to New Zealand because they thought it “was the perfect place for experiencing beautiful nature, amazing national parks and great landscapes,” only to be showered by a potent weedkiller.

“I have no word to describe the anger I feel right now,” said Ms Leone who suffers from a medical condition which is made worse by herbicides and pesticides, NZPA reported.

“We could not believe what had just happened to us. We find it completely unacceptable and disrespectful as well as a deep violation of our rights not to be told that we were going to be exposed to any chemical spraying whilst tramping in a national park.”

“Karamea tourist operator Paul Murray, of Rongo Backpackers where the couple stayed, said they were visibly shaken and angry.” The report said, calling it “a blatant disregard for the rights of tourists and trampers”.

“Ms Leone said her medical condition, called endometriosis, was exacerbated by herbicides, pesticides and dioxins in the environment so she tried her best to avoid exposure.”

The couple reportedly experienced two other weed spraying incidents in the South Island, New Zealand. They had seriously believed New Zealand was a “clean, green” place.

“What happened to us is unacceptable in a country that sells its image overseas as ‘100 per cent pure and clean’. It’s just a joke,” said Ms Leone.

“Most times we would see 1080 drops around the tracks and when they spray they don’t seem to care if anyone is there. Many of the travellers we met were saying the same thing. New Zealand’s 1080 poison and weed spraying programmes will definitely have a big negative impact on your tourism.”

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