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Do YOU Believe In Curses?

Posted by te2ataria on January 25, 2010

The son of a New Zealand senior judge killed in Canada

A friend of this blog, who is Maori seer, says curses are as real as road crashes!

The first of the three children of Court of Appeal president Sir William Young was killed after being struck by a vehicle while jogging in Vancouver on January 19, The Press reported.

Nick Young, 27, who graduated in 2006 from Canterbury University, moved to Canada working as an engineer.

“The former Christ’s College pupil was on a pedestrian crossing on a major Vancouver street when he was hit by the car.” It was reported.

His father Justice Young, his mother, Susan, and siblings Charlotte and Thomas have all flown to Vancouver to bring his body to Christchurch.

Do you believe in curses?

APA, the Maori seer, has seen into the possible futures and will reveal his visions on demise of

1. A wealthy American couple who live in New Zealand
2. A prominent British couple who are also residing in NZ
3. Seven other well-known individuals living here or related to this country

Coming soon…

9 Responses to “Do YOU Believe In Curses?”

  1. te2ataria said

    Former Kiwi millionaire ‘just vanished’

    The case may or may not be one of the 7 mentioned by APA.



  3. whiteboardmarker said

    In New Zealand, he survived three restructurings at Brierley Investments Limited during his more than 14 years as a senior executive until the company failed to deliver value for its shareholders.
    ”The company obviously damaged a lot of relationships … both in terms of the banking community and among equity investors,” he told a New Zealand newspaper in 2000 as he left the country to take a job with the Pratt Group in Melbourne.
    But his most recent business investments garnered high praise from community leaders who viewed him as an honest, friendly and trustworthy man.

    My guess – he pissed someone off by not delivering value, and someone crossed the Tasman to deliver him from the remainder of his lifespan.

    • te2ataria said

      Perhaps, perhaps NOT! He might even turn up alive someday, who knows.
      Let’s wait and see what happens to the other prominent people on the list mentioned by APA.

  4. Clare said

    It is becoming apparent that too many people die suddenly in Bream Bay. Is there perhaps a curse or bad karma in this area of Northland that includes Waipu.

  5. swarmwatcher said

    I used to live in that area of Bream Bay long ago. there was a large new expensive development with sections being sold off and they were running 150-300K a patch. this was some years ago.

    billionaires – money draws grief. the grief may be in the form of victims and those stepped on to get to the top. it may be in the form of sharks or young trojans who join forces to bring them down. it may also be justice from the spirit world.

    I have observed in areas where the land spirits are angered (and not just in new zealand but everywhere) that an angry humming or drumming or some other noise can be heard by sensitive ears. I have heard it myself.

    it would not be surprising that this force could… ‘swarm’.

  6. Bunz said

    [Go **** a rolling rubber donut. Moderator.]

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