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The Dumbest Tourist of the Month Award

Posted by te2ataria on January 28, 2010

Sent by DH

Stingrays Dislike Being Used as Surfboards!

The Dumbest Tourist of the Month Award for January 2010 Goes to a Canadian

Matt Brazeau, 36, a Canadian tourist is reportedly recovering in New Plymouth after he was severely lanced by an stingray when he tried to get a piggy ride!

According to a news report, he claims that he mistakenly stood on the stingray  while kayaking !!!

He said he “had fallen out of his kayak in shallow surf at a beach near Waitara this week when he placed his foot on the stingray and immediately felt a stabbing pain in his thigh.” NZHerald Reported.

Taranaki Daily News said, “the barb entered his leg above his knee and came out the other side halfway up his thigh, leaving a wound which needed 40 stitches.”

“It was as though something had bit me but with electrical impulses,” he said. “It was really fast, in and out within a second. There was no movement, no action in the water except for me jumping back into the kayak. It had to be a stingray.”

Friends tied a belt around his leg to stop the blood gushing out, as he cried out loud like a baby, before an ambulance was called.

A doctor said he barb had narrowly missed an artery,  and the tourist  escaped without serious injury to muscle or tissue.

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15 Responses to “The Dumbest Tourist of the Month Award”

  1. Marvin Caldwell-Barr said

    Dangerous creatures, stingrays. In 2006 Steve Irwin, the “Crocodile Man”, died after a stingray’s barb penetrated his heart.

    I used to spearfish along the Natal coast, and I remember one of the guys got hit in the leg by a stingray.

    I know these stories, in the telling, can deviate from reality in the same way a film deviates from the book it’s based on, but what I heard was that in his agony he capsized the boat and screamed nonstop all the way to the hospital.

    You definitely don’t want to mess with no stingray.

    • te2ataria said

      @Marvin Caldwell-Barr
      They are beautiful creatures, and if left alone won’t harm humans.
      Once threatened, however, they use their full force of natural ability in self defense.

  2. Judith Brazeau said

    How does a freakish accident qualify someone to be “dumbest tourist of the month”? It was a one in how many million chance that he happened to step on the stingray. My step-son is a very lucky guy right about now. Be careful … karma may come back to bite you!

    • te2ataria said

      @”Judith Brazeau”
      Accident? My foot!
      If you really are who you say you are, then ask your … “step son” WHY he did it.

      “karma may come back to bite you!”
      LOL, it seems karma lanced your “step son!”

  3. Judith Brazeau said

    Are you for real? He did “it” because he “accidentally” stepped on it while trying to get back into the kayak. Oh wait … he was probably waiting for a stingray to swim by so he could stomp on it and perhaps feel the barb come up and pierce his leg. Ya … that’s it mate. Have you never had an accident? You must have led a very sheltered life. Don’t forget … karma.

    • te2ataria said

      @”Judith Brazeau”
      “Have you never had an accident?”
      The point is people do a whole list of things with certain items like stingray tails, vacuum cleaners… and then blame it on “accident.”
      Perhaps, you ought to ask the woman in the following news report why she “sat” on a stingray tail:

      A woman who sat on a stingray tail left on a chair at Mahia today was airlifted to Hawke’s Bay Hospital yesterday for treatment after the barb went into her leg.

      A spokeswoman for the Lowe Corporation Rescue Helicopter said the woman, in her 40s, had sat on the stingray’s tail after it had been cut off and left on a chair.

      A hospital spokeswoman said the patient was in a stable condition in the emergency department an hour after she arrived and she may be admitted for the night.


      In her case, it wasn’t the first time we hear about using a stingray tail for uses other than intended.

  4. Judith Brazeau said

    Karma … just remember what I said when it comes back to bite you.

    • te2ataria said

      @”Judith Brazeau”
      Is your repeated use of the word “karma” supposed to spook me out? ROFL.
      The “pain and pleasure” reportedly associated with the misuse of stingray tail is nothing to do with karma; it is all about how you use your gray matter!

  5. Judith Brazeau said

    And why did you edit my previous post? There were a few statements before that.

  6. doleblugger faggot said

    shame your probably white

  7. doleblugger faggot said

    come to my neigbourhood lets have a fight im from …

  8. mana2000000 said

    I’ll fight you “faggot”

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