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Another kiwi soldier pulls the chain too early!

Posted by te2ataria on February 1, 2010

NZ Soldiers Shouldn’t Play With Explosives!

“The soldier was handling a detonator, which was about half the size of a ball-point pen, when it unexpectedly exploded in his hand.” NZ Army  spokesperson

A Linton soldier who had a detonator explode in his hand during a training exercise has had surgery to remove plastic fragments from his body.

Saturday’s accident at Waiouru army camp comes only two months after Flight Sergeant Andrew Forster was killed by an artillery shell explosion north of Waiouru.

The army would not release the injured soldier’s name, nor his level of experience, except to say he was not new to the army.

Oh, how embarrassing, out with his name, chickens! What’s all the secrecy for? I bet he is an explosives expert, and you are too ashamed to admit it!

YOU needn’t worry: It’s common knowledge you’re a bunch of incompetent MORONS. So, out with the details!

“The soldier was taking part in an annual weapons training session where soldiers get to handle weapons and become confident with them, he said.”

“The soldier was handling a detonator, which was about half the size of a ball-point pen, when it unexpectedly exploded in his hand.”

On November 19, 2009  Flight Sergeant Andrew Forster, an Ohakea-based serviceman of 27 years, was killed when he failed to defuse a shell.

“On January 14 Squadron Leader Nick Cree, 32, of Feilding, was killed after crashing a PAC CT-4E Airtrainer into a military training area while performing a standard solo manoeuvre over the Raumai firing range.”

What was is TEAA said about New Zealand soldiers? New Zealand Soldiers Are better Protected [outside the country.]

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YOU thought we’re kidding about NZ police farce?

Posted by te2ataria on February 1, 2010


I’m livid with anger, but let’s not spoil the viewing by using inadequate adjectives such as “W*nkers”, “TOSSERS”, and “F**KING MORONS”, etc.

David MacGregor, a concerned parent at a fund-raising event at Auckland’s Target Rd Primary School,  used his mobile phone to record the New Zealand Police Farce training their new jocks, the Dominion Post reported.


Don’t Miss New Zealand Police Farce, the “Thick Blue Line”, in Action

Two uniformed policemen drove children around the grounds doing “figure eights and donuts” with lights flashing and sirens blaring, the report said.

The cars skidded near children playing on a bouncy castle and lining up to get ice-cream, Mr MacGregor said.

The scene “made a mockery” of the Government’s safe-driving message, he said.

Police National Headquarters spokeswoman Debbie Corney said Waitemata district police would request the original footage to establish its authenticity and would speak with staff to determine exactly what happened.

MS. Debbie Corney, Are you out of YOUR *&^%%*& MIND? Or do you think people are stupid all the time?

Watch out, David MacGregor, don’t let the b*stards come anywhere near you or your family. They are going to harm you in a serious way. All they need do to “establish its autheticity” is to interview the drivers and a few witnesses. It’s not possible to fake those images.

The event, a school fundraiser, took place more than a year ago, in November 2008.

Mr MacGregor told the Dominion Post that he only posted the footage online after his “phone memory filled up and he learned how to upload it to YouTube.”

SEE ALSO: More police cars crashed than ever before

Credit: MAARTEN HOLL/The Dominion Post.  Th new police car came to an early end as the driver wrapped it around a streetlight in central Wellington last August.

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