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Why We Hate Koreans So Much?

Posted by te2ataria on February 3, 2010

posted by DH [Blog’s pale-face co-moderator]

And Why Do Korean Tourists Keep Coming Back for More?

If Kiwi hatred for Koreans  stems from their extreme dislike for you know who, one can begin to understand the reasons for inordinate hatred toward them.

A 22-year-old Korean tourist was punched and robbed in Taupo on Sunday.

The attack  occurred about 5.40pm when two men pulled alongside her in a car and demanded her bag.

She was punched her to the ground, and dragged, still holding the bag, towards the car.

The woman suffered some injuries, and was in a state of shock after the mugging.

Police are trying to pin the blame on Maori.

“Some of the woman’s belongings were found near Mihi Bridge on State Highway 5 between Taupo and Rotorua.” The report said.

Come to think of of it, we hate all foreigners, especially the “yellow-skinned rats!”

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12 Responses to “Why We Hate Koreans So Much?”

  1. kim said

    am white myself and i know white people do that stuff every day.

  2. […] of black child.  And then again there is Anti-English Spectrum oh and don’t forget this one. Why Koreans hate New Zealand. […]

  3. From India said

    Kim- Will you please explain to me Why white people do that stuff everyday? Do white people do the same to other whites?

    Do white people absolutely do not desire any tourists I mean, Asian tourists in the country? then Why can’t they make it clear by making it difficult for them to visit for their safety reasons?

    Can you honestly tell me the real reason behind the hatred?

    Are koreans just uncivilized dirty monkeys for the most part?

  4. tony said

    Look I live in Los Angeles…I am not Korean, I am American but there is alot of racism here in Los Angeles. I thought racism died along time ago, but it’s alive and kicking and worsening no matter what country you are. Fair skinned people doing it to darker skin people whereever you live. I listen from the back of my shoulder alot of stereotypes all the time. And from my experience, Koreans are not well liked here at all. They are smart, but something about their attitude. They never smile and if you go their business, restaurants, groceries..etc…they are rude as hell..they don’t say hi or thank you unless you are Korean. They treat people of color, Blacks, mexicans, brown asians, just as bad as what blacks went through during the civil rights era. They sit them in the back of restaurants near the Kitchen or Bathroom which is so impolite while they sit us white folk up front. And they think they are smarter than everyone, even the host people. It’s a wonder, cuz many Koreans are christian/Protestant even, how can that be, especially being christian and all…now ask your self the question? Why are Koreans treated badly? I hear they goto the Philippines and try to knock over the Filipinos in the Philippines and they treat Filipinos really bad. How do I know this, my wife is Filipino and she works with Koreans and they treat her like crap. I told her to quit and never work for them again .I think for the newbees coming to the U.S or to other Eurocolonized countries, please take a course in politeness/courtesy/and gratitude before you come and immigrate to a European country or U.S, especially England. England is the country of common courtesy.

  5. koreansare crazy said

    Koreans have Hwabyeong or Hwabyung, literally “anger illness” or “fire illness”. They are different from the rest of us. They abuse animals in the public, eats dogs & cats, send out millions of prostitutes. Koreans will claim women were trafficked by the WESTERN GOVERNMENT so prostitutes should get compensation in the decades later.

    • te2ataria said

      @ koreansare crazy
      That’s a pretty racist comment.
      “Koreans have Hwabyeong or Hwabyung, literally ‘anger illness’ or ‘fire illness’.”
      You could say exactly the same thing about the kiwis.
      “They are different from the rest of us.”
      WHO exactly is “us”?
      “They abuse animals in the public…”
      See blog page on animal abuse.
      About the prostitution bit, which two governments protect more than 90 percent of all sex trade in Polynesia?

      ps. Wondered what motivated you to write this comment. Anything to do with the Liancourt Rocks?

  6. arserappedroundhead said

    I HATE RACISM and KOREAN and CHINESE. so they pretend to be Japanese.

    • te2ataria said


      The worst of koreans and chinese migrated to japan over the past few centuries.
      But with your head enveloped in your posterior, you probably weren’t aware of that fact!

  7. white male said

    Yes that’s true. Koreans, Japanese and Chinese beat dogs as they believe the meat gets tasty by torture. they are gooks and liars by nature. Dog eaters such as japs, gooks and chinks are crazy barbarians.

    [Hate mail. You haven’t presented a shred of evidence to back up your racist claims. Moderator K.]

  8. Kimi said

    I’m also a “so called yellow chink” but from India. And when you talk about racism it occurs everywhere around the world and it is an epidemic. My point here is, although i’m from India I think India will rank 1st when it comes to raCISM.

  9. Esther said

    Reality of Korean

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