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Man-eating sea slug warning at Auckland beaches

Posted by te2ataria on February 5, 2010

Sea Slugs at Auckland Beaches Don’t Eat Flesh, Our Sharks DO!

The Poisonous Slugs Just Kill Humans!

For the umpteen times in less than a flash, Auckland health authorities are warning people against coming in contact with highly poisonous sea slugs.

The warning came after a “near miss” involving a four-year-old toddler who came into contact with a slug yesterday evening, according to her father.

Even a small dose of the powerful poison could kill healthy adults, let alone children, in less than an hour.

“This is the nearest miss we have had. Clearly, sea slugs are still just off our beaches, and still pose a threat,” Auckland Regional Public Health Service medical officer of health Simon Baker said, NZPA reported.

Steer Clear of Deadly Sea Slugs on New Zealand Beaches: Poisoned Sea Slugs and Dead Fish Piling Up on New Zealand Beaches Can Kill You in Under 60 minutes!

Sea slugs swarming Hauraki Gulf beaches were found to carry tetrodotoxin (TTX), a deadly poison also carried by puffer fish, the report said.

In Autumn 2009, dozens of dogs fell ill after eating the slugs on Auckland beaches and at least dozen of them died (only five reported by the media.)

“It’s second nature to most people to ensure children and animals are carefully watched when swimming and playing to avoid hazards and accidents.

“However, we want people to be a little more cautious about what they handle on Hauraki Gulf beaches, particularly at Narrow Neck and Cheltenham on the North Shore,” Dr Baker said.

Prior death, victims of TTX poisoning may feel numbness and tingling around their mouths, followed by nausea, which usually progresses to incoordination, slurred speech and paralysis.

People coming in contact with a sea slug in New Zealand are strongly advised to seek immediate medical attention.

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2 Responses to “Man-eating sea slug warning at Auckland beaches”

  1. jacqui harvey said

    could you please send photos of killer slugs,I live up Sandspit way and walk beach every night with my cat, tonight was first time I have ever seen slugs there, hope hes ok in morning.
    thanks Jacqui Harvey

  2. s.crosby said

    harvey too shy to be bitten by one of them Kitty

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