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Aussie No xx37 Killed in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on February 6, 2010

An Australian tourist was killed in a car crash in Rotorua yesterday

The man was at least the 24th tourist killed in New Zealand in 2010, and the 1,786th since January 2000.

New Zealand police are looking for anything by which they could pin the responsibility on the victim.

“Police  are investigating the possibility the tourist had a pre-existing medical condition, which may have contributed to the crash. Officers are trying to contact his next of kin.  Senior Sergeant Brent Crowe says police will report their findings to a Coroner’s inquest.” A report said.

New Zealand 2010 average fatality rate (Foreign Tourists)

Since January 1, 2010, at least two foreign visitors have been killed in New Zealand every 3 days.

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Sewage City’s Faecal Beach Closed, Again!

Posted by te2ataria on February 6, 2010

“Don’t shit where you eat” – Billie Goatspeare

Translation for the uninitiated:

Wellington’s Owhiro Bay beach closed due to sewage contamination, AGAIN!

What is it that our friends at Wellington City Council find so difficult to understand?

When you dump untreated [or partially treated] faeces of 400,000 people into the local bay, the beaches are bound to be contaminated with faecal matter.

Owhiro Bay beach water was found to be contaminated with enterococci at high levels likely to cause a health hazard [read: likely to kill fish,] Wellington City Council said.

The most common types of enterococci, like the species infesting most of New Zealand’s coastal waters, come from human intestines.

The warning was the second in NINE DAYS that the level of faecal contaminants were likely to cause serious health hazards.

Wellington council has again urged people to stay clear of the water in the area until the fish consume the enterococci in the water.

“Ingesting the contaminated water could cause diarrhoea, stomach cramps and vomiting, along with infection to cuts and skin lesions.” A report said.

According to the “Wellington Council Infrastructure Director,” Stavros Michael, the source of the contamination was not obvious.

The blog nominates the Wellington Council Infrastructure Director for the 2010 NZ Honesty Award, honestly!

Important clinical infections caused by Enterococcus include urinary tract infections, bacteremia, bacterial endocarditis, diverticulitis, and meningitis.

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Our Sharks Are Hungry!

Posted by te2ataria on February 6, 2010

Welcome to New Zealand. Our Hungry Sharks Appreciate Your Custom

No, not the restaurateurs, car-hire fraternity, perverted motel owners, corrupt lawyers … I am talking about the real, aquatic sharks.

Come Visit New Zealand. Join the Other Numb Brain Visitors! Our Shark-infested, Sewage-filled Coastal Waters are Unique.

[This one is dead, but his cousins would love to take a chunk off your buttocks.] “Aiden Swale, of Invercargill, with a shark he caught in Foveaux Strait near Bluff on Tuesday night. The 2m shark is the same species, a broad-nosed seven-gill shark, that bit Invercargill teen Lydia Ward at Oreti Beach the same evening.” Image and caption in quotes: Stuff.NZ.Co

Oh, and let’s hope your Air NZ flight doesn’t have to make an emergency landing close to the beach!

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