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Police should have abandoned high-speed pursuit: Report

Posted by te2ataria on February 16, 2010

Edited by DH

How could they?

High-speed pursuits one of the reasons why the b*stards join the PIGS

“Police should have abandoned a high-speed pursuit through inner city Christchurch which resulted in a young mother being seriously injured, Independent Police Conduct Authority report has found.” The Press reported.

The scene of crash on Durham Street in which Laura Henry (inset) and another person were seriously injured. Police photo/ The Press.

Laura Henry, 25, came withing inches of a violent death, when Thomas Joseph Hancy, pursued by the police, crashed his car into her at an intersection on December 5, 2008 a.

During the high-speed chase “Hancy who was driving a stolen car ran a red light and crashed into Henry’s Toyota which was passing through an intersection.”

As a result of her “life-threatening” injuries sustained during the crash, Henry spent eight weeks in hospital.

“A front-seat passenger was also seriously injured, and Henry’s five-year-old daughter, restrained in the back seat, suffered minor injuries.”

According to the report Officers A and B [what, names suppressed, again?] were “not justified in commencing a pursuit under the Police pursuit policy.”

[Oh…, so the idiots do have a policy, but is invariably ignored by the pigs?]

“The officers did not properly consider the risks before deciding that the immediate need to apprehend the offender outweighed those risks”. The Press reported.

Officers A and B who were giving chase in an  unmarked police cars broke all the rules (what little there was), failing to  communicate with the Police Southern Communications Centre.

Hancy was found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm and is currently serving1 51-months sentence. Officers A and B have since been promoted.

ALL NZ POLICE should undergo TRAINING for a minimum of 10 – 20 years, depending on the officers’ IQ ratings: Commonsense

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