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Two Things You Should Know about Heroes

Posted by te2ataria on March 9, 2010

Sent by a reader in Palmerston North who claims he knew James McKie – see below for contact details

NZ Media Feeding the War Machine—as always!

Media spin misrepresents soldier’s survival instinct as an act of ‘heroism’

New Zealand born Rifleman James McKie, who’s signed up with the British Army is said to have saved two of his friends lives recently in a raging Afghanistan battle.

Did the Rifleman throw himself on the exploding grenade which was allegedly thrown in front of them thereby sacrificing his own life to save the lives of those around him?

No, of course not.

What did he do?

Rifleman James McKie was under fire from three directions when the hand grenade hit his platoon commander and landed at his feet.

He picked up the grenade and hurled it back at the enemy moments before it exploded.

“My first thought was I hope this doesn’t hurt too much,” McKie told British media.

The grenade exploded mid-air a split second later, sending fragments into Rifleman McKie’s face and arm, and injuring his commander’s leg. The third soldier escaped unharmed.

[Where was  Rifleman McKie keeping his head?]

His actions helped to save the lives of his commander and one other soldier who were engaging the enemy in a fire fight, from a compound roof, in the Sangin area of Helmand Province.

The 29-year-old trooper recently joined the British Army, having previously served in the New Zealand Army, and has been serving in Afghanistan for five months. [Never knew the two were interchangeable. D.H.]

His commanding officer, Captain Graeme Kerr, said he owed his life to kiwi trooper for his brave actions.

“Bearing in mind you only have three seconds when it lands by your feet and half a second to make a decision and another three seconds to throw it, that’s pretty heroic in my book,” he said.

The Army’s standard procedure was to jump away from the grenade, Captain Kerr added.

“He’s one of those very brave people that has a complete disregard for his own life and a high regard for other people’s.”

I must say, Rifleman McKie, you are not the same guy I used to know. Where did you get all the courage from? Something they feed you in the British Army, perhaps?

“There was no way you could throw yourself off and not get injured [killed,] so I made a decision to pick up the grenade and throw it off the roof,” Rifleman McKie said.

Does he think he’s a hero?

“I didn’t really have a lot of time to think,” he told National Radio.

“The grenade was right there. Capt Kerr, who was immediately to my right … did his best to try to get out of the way of it, but it was a very small roof.

“There wasn’t a lot of room for either of us to move.”

The roof was too high to jump off, he said. [He would have been killed, had had jumped off the roof.]

“I didn’t have any other option really. I could have done nothing and got hurt, so I thought I’d do something and at least try to get it off the roof.”

Rifleman McKie has correctly denied his actions were heroic, but the media spin don’t want to know. They have dubbed him the “Modest Hero”.

“I feel somewhat embarrassed by that term. I don’t like people calling me that.”

A “King’s Cross,” “Charring Cross” or even a “Victoria Cross” for the “modest hero,” anyone?

What happened to the two things about heroes you should, know?

Sorry! Here it is:

1. Heroes are intelligent. They don’t join the army, or any other part of the war racket!

2. Heroes are compassionate; they don’t use the military as an excuse to commit murder in someone else’s commercial war.

NOTE: The writer has sent us his email so that readers with kudos and death threats could contact him directly. Anyone interested may leave a polite comment below, with their true names and emails addresses.  Blog Moderators

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2 Responses to “Two Things You Should Know about Heroes”

  1. bob said

    great points

  2. te2ataria said

    Dumbass pakeha soldier killed in Afghanistan by friendly fire!

    “The Guardian newspaper reported Howard was killed by cannon fire from a low-flying US jet.

    “The plane – believed to be an F18 – was on a strafing run, flying low while firing at targets on the ground, after it was called in by British troops engaged in a gunfight with insurgents, the newspaper reported.”


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