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A Message to Race Relations Agitator Joris de Bres

Posted by te2ataria on March 12, 2010

Sent by Maori Reader [Edited by TEAA and D.H.]

Get the F*** Out of My Country you M***a F***g Ugly C**T

Marlborough House  14 by Trevor Dennis.
Race Relations Agitator Joris de Bres. Source: Flicker. Image may be subject to copyright.

Race Relations Agitator de Bres said the “white motherf**ckers” comment was “clearly very offensive” and had been compounded by the reference to “raping our lands.” A report said.

The fact is YOU ARE “raping our lands.”

“While the words used would be offensive if used by a private citizen, they become more so when expressed by a person holding public office,” he said.

There’s no such person as a private citizen in this country, either side of the divide!

“The New Zealand Bill of Rights Act protects freedom of speech, and the limitations on it in the Human Rights Act relate to words that incite but not to words that offend,” he said.

So, what Hone Harawira said, to you, too, twice!

Go Back to the toi**t you come from, you M***a F***g Ugly C**T!

“While there is no legal sanction against racially offensive language specifically, this does not make it acceptable.”

Again, Go Back to the Toi**t You Come from, you M***a F***g Ugly C**T!

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One Response to “A Message to Race Relations Agitator Joris de Bres”

  1. B/Ball resident said

    [Undecipherable squeak! Ignored by Moderator. We’ll reconsider your comment, if you write in plain English–Maori is for intelligent people. TEAA]

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