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Stop Treating Asians Like Animals

Posted by te2ataria on March 22, 2010

Apartheid New Zealand at its Worst:

Whereas Immigrants from South Africa and the United Kingdom are welcome, Asians are ignored or excluded

Kiwis intimidate Asian communities, especially the Indians, and socially exclude them.

Asians, are often “victims of social insults, from our New Zealand cultural arrogance,” said Dr Pita Sharples, Minister of Maori Affairs.

Dr Sharples admitted Asian leaders and friends had told him that they did not feel welcome in New Zealand.

“To me, personally, I feel shamed at those admissions,” he said.

“We criticise and it seems sometimes intimidate the Indian community for dominating the dairies, exacerbating stereotypes instead of recognising their capacity to support each other.”

“Sharples’ comments came ahead of the release at Te Papa today of a new book on immigrant experiences in New Zealand.” Stuff NZ reported.

Longing & Belonging is written by Edwina Pio, an author and academic at Auckland University of Technology.

Pio says [Asian and “dark skinned”] immigrants cannot find work in New Zealand that matched their skills.

Sharples said: “They say that they’ve often found New Zealanders do not seem to accept people who are physically different from them.”

Maori should help lead the move to make Asians feel welcome, Sharples added.

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13 Responses to “Stop Treating Asians Like Animals”

  1. mana2000000 said

    If the asians only knew. I tried to explain to an Idian taxi driver that Maori have more in common with asians than pakehas. But this guy had warped views of Maori because of what they saw on pakeha tv.

    They should understand, like most Maori do, that they are niggers just like us and that ballheads are the real enemy.

  2. plumtart said

    i moved to new zealand between 1990-1997 from hong kong. i went to school there and worked there. i do feel that they are very rude towards us. as much as i wish to assimilate and mix with the locals, i lost faith with their justice system, police, legal framework, etc. they basically want to obstruct your social life and future unethically and unless you have money to ‘buy’ people’s attention, nobody is interested in you.

    • te2ataria said

      You ought to consider yourself lucky for staying alive in new zealand that long. You have no idea how much the odds are stacked against Asians, Indians and other non-white races in this country.

  3. stone said

    I have realized the facts that New Zealanders discriminate Asians in various “legal” ways.
    If you are an Asian, you are most likely to be treated like an invisible customer in a busy retail shop.
    If you have an Asian accent in your English, your long-waiting customer support conversation on the phone is most likely to be ignored or put through to the different departments several times then finally cut off.
    If you misspell a single word in your elaborated report, you are most likely to get an official warning from your boss that you may disqualify from your position even though you are an English guru.

  4. From India said

    I believe its the same in USA if not worse. the part that confuses me is that Many Western countries spend outrageous amount of money trying to recruit Asian students for their schools and institutions because they want obviously money from Asian students as well. otherwise there would not be so many agencies in Asia trying to recruit asian students.
    and then once the students are in their nation, they treat them like animals and kill them. Is that an indication that white nations like New Zealand and USA are uncivilized killers with absolutely no morality?

    I believe both countries or Any western countries who treat non-whites like slaves and animals should seriously stop advertising and recruit tourists and students from Asia.

    Because I do feel bad for Asian students who do get killed in those countries just because they wanted to study and mingle with different races.

  5. sirpreet said

    ya , its raciest.

  6. sirpreet said

    ya, Its right I m In New Zealand and now feel India is much much beter than in this sense. New Zealand is the most raciest country of the world that i have ever seen. In New Zealand, ur not a Indian ur a bloody Indian, terrorist, fuc…. Indian. Ur a slave of white peoples and even same for most of Maories. If u want to come here then leave ur mind in India otherwise U will not able to sleep at nights Becoz u Kiwi”s often call you BLOODY INDIAN DOG.

  7. Sawasdee said

    I’m a Malaysian-THAI. My look is more to Maori, Japanese or Uruguayan as people call me.In 2005, I have been attacked 3 times in 30 minutes while cycling on Highway 45 in New Plymouth, North New Zealand.

    When I landed in Wellington and travelled northwards to Auckland, I felt unwelcomed […] I read newspaper about a Korean teen was strangled till death on the West Coast of SNZ, where at the time there’s another missing Korean teen poster displayed on the wall.

    I planned to run a business there, but racism is too bad […]

  8. bronte said

    The right thing to do is to stop the asian immigration. Even though they do not have a high birthrate, they are increasing a lot.Now they stand at 9% of the total population, chinese in particular. Please, get out of kiwis, you are not welcomed.


  9. anonymous said

    I’m [a foreigner] I’ve been in this horrible country for 6 months [unproven allegations removed by moderator] If i can’t leave soon im going to drown myself. Death has to be better than living in this hell.

    • te2ataria said

      If your allegations are true, send us a list with dates, places, names, photos, details of any witnesses and any evidence you might have. The Moderators will consult a reputable human rights lawyer, review and publish the information, and submit your case to the International Court of Human Rights. Moderator K.

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