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Another Chinese Boy Murdered, Presumed Missing?

Posted by te2ataria on April 29, 2010

Sixteen-year-old Chunji Gao, also known as Gary has not been seen for 13 days

Police say the Chinese teen teenager, who has been in the country less than two years and speaks limited English has been missing for nearly two weeks.

Chunji Gao, 16,  left his home in suburban Botany on April 16, and has not been seen since.

Many young Asians go missing in New Zealand, never to be found again, at least not alive.

Chunji Gao, 16,  left his home in suburban Botany on April 16, and has not been seen since.

Police says he took any no clothing, possessions, or money with him. His wallet was left at home.

“Sergeant Brett Meale said he spoke limited English and had few friends in New Zealand after arriving a couple of years ago.” NZPA said.

“He said the boy’s school had concerns he would not survive by himself.”

He was wearing blue track pants, a dark coloured sports jacket and black and yellow shoes, police said.

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Vatican, Devil and Chief Exorcist Don Gabriele Amorth

Posted by te2ataria on April 26, 2010

sent in by a former Roman Catholic priest (RBT)

Today’s Wisdom!

1. What’s the Difference between Vatican and Toyota Motor Company?

2. According to Pope’s Chief Exorcist, where is Devil hiding?

See below for answers.


1. Toyota withdraws its cock-ups.

2. In the Vatican, see photo.

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NZ Military Karma Zaps 4 Personnel on ANZAC Day

Posted by te2ataria on April 25, 2010

sent by a reader in Sewage City [Wellington]

Surprise, Surprise! It’s ANZAC Day Again!

No, it wasn’t necessarily NZ helicopter pilot incompetence, this time!

Ordinarily, one’s first thought might have been: how could these ace pilots go to war and come back alive if they couldn’t fly a helicopter a couple of blocks without crashing in the peace time?

But this wasn’t any ordinary time; it was ANZAC Day. And the NZ military’s collective bad  karma was out to get fresh blood.

The wreckage of the NZ Air Force Iroquois helicopter that killed four trained air crew. Photo: stuff nz. Image may be subject to copyright.

A Before Photo

NZ Air Farce Iroquois helicopter seen “in action.” There have been four other reported crashes in the NZ Air Farce’s fleet of 14 Iroquois.

The crash forced Prime Minister Don Key to  cut his trip to Turkey short. NZ’s collective bad karma is probably eying him, too.

Don Key, who went to Turkey for Anzac Day commemorations, is now planning to return to New Zealand by Tuesday morning for the  air crews’ funerals, his office said.

“I am shocked and saddened by this tragic event. My thoughts are with the families of the victims, the family of the injured man, and the entire New Zealand Defence Force,” Don Key was reported as saying earlier today.

“To have this happen when the helicopter was heading to Wellington for an Anzac Day flypast is an absolute tragedy.

“I am sure that all New Zealanders will join with me in offering the families of the victims, and the Defence Force, our deepest condolences.”

Bullshit! If you didn’t think the soldiers are cannon fodder, why would you send them to Afghanistan?

Don Key attending the dawn service in Gallipoli today said.:

“This campaign stands in memory for New Zealand, as well as Australia, as playing an important part in fostering a sense of national identity,” he said.

“It is also important today for us to remember and commemorate the bravery and the sacrifice of all those who have served their nation at a time of war. In particular, to remember those who have not returned.

“Today we stand together in peace, former foes now old friends, united in honouring them.”

Until the next time.

Meanwhile,  “a vintage military truck mowed down six war veterans” during Anzac Day parade in Melbourne, Australia.

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New Zealand Economy Faces Early Collapse

Posted by te2ataria on April 24, 2010

sent in by readers

Beware of the Ides of September

Roof of New Zealand’s financial sky could collapse even earlier!

Quotes of the week:

Raising the price of kiwi fruit

“For New Zealand economy to Avoid meltdown, the authorities must raise price of kiwi to over US$5,430 each, and hope that the export markets can afford it.” —Allan C (New York)

New Zealand’s Sovereign Credit Rating [sic]

“Unsurprisingly,  the credit rating agencies that inflate New Zealand’s Sovereign Credit Rating are the same people that passed mortgage-backed junk bound as triple A rating.” —GDN (London)

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Bomb Scares in New Zealand Are Costly

Posted by te2ataria on April 23, 2010

sent by a reader

Another Bomb Scare in Dunedin Cause Road Chaos

A New Wave of Bomb Scares in New Zealand Stop the Police from Functioning ‘Normally’

Police were called to the home of a Birkdale women this morning after she was found dead in her home by friends, Police cordoned off several properties as they investagated the scene, Birkdale, Auckland, New Zealand, Sunday, January 14, 2007. Credit:NZPA / Wayne Drought. Image may be subject to copyright.

While the bomb scares keep police busy and prevent them from carrying out their usual shoot-to-kill and chase-to-kill operations, they are also affecting businesses and the ordinary people.

Dunedin’s second bomb scare in 24 hours closed State Highway 1 to traffic leaving south of the city for a number of hours.

“The road was closed around 10am after police found what was described an improvised explosive device under an overbridge on the Green Island motorway near Dunedin, Police Sergeant Chris George said.” A report said.

“The lane south was currently blocked and traffic going south was forced to go through the main street of Green Island, a police spokesperson said.”

“Bomb experts were expected to arrive this afternoon but it was still uncertain when the lane would reopen, police said. The lane was not expected to reopen before 3pm.”

Mr George was quoted as saying that  there were “bound to be” traffic delays, given that the road was  main highway south of Dunedin.

The incident was “major hassle”, he said.

Dunedin’s motorway was reopened just before 3.00p.m.

“The highway was closed mid-morning and the bomb squad called, after the discovery of what appeared to be an improvised explosive device,” according to another  report.

The second  scare comes less than 24 hours after Dunedin airport was closed due to an earlier bomb scare, which proved to be a hoax.

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kiwi of the Week: Nicholas Raymond Baldwin

Posted by te2ataria on April 20, 2010

Scumbag kiwi sodomy teacher Nicholas Raymond Baldwin jailed for eight years and nine months for  indecent acts on a student

If you read the last post, you may well be wondering why the other kiwi got only 15 years for rape and murder, whereas the scumbag in this news item received nearly 9 years.

Scumbag kiwi teacher Nicholas Raymond Baldwin told his sex victim, “it’s okay because we are not gay.”

Nicholas Raymond Baldwin, 62, an Auckland teacher was today jailed for eight years and nine months after he admitted six counts of indecent acts with a person under the age of 16 and two of sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection, between January 1, 2007, and September 4, 2008..

He was sentenced by Justice Geoffrey Venning in the High Court at Auckland.

“But two women Mr Shaw described as ‘netball mums’ became concerned in August 2008. They followed Baldwin and the boy to an Auckland rugby clubrooms, where they took photographs of the pair in close contact,” said a report.

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    Scumbag kiwi of the Week: Joseph Martin Reekers

    Posted by te2ataria on April 20, 2010

    Scumbag kiwi Rapist and Murderer Gets only 15 years

    Joseph Martin Reekers raped and murdered Auckland hairdresser Marie Jamieson in 2001, but will only serve 15 years behind bars, and the evil  Justice Lynton Stevens calls that a life-sentence.

    The Murder Victim Marie Jamieson: Why did I have to get killed forever, and the In-Justice Lynton Stevens only gives him 15 years?

    The Scumbag kiwi Rapist and Murderer Joseph Martin Reekers.

    Wondered what Marie Jamieson would have opted for if the murderer had given her the option of 15 years behind the bars and death?

    Marie Jamieson, 23, was last seen alive on February 10 2001, and her naked body was discovered behind a West Auckland factory nine days later.  She had been raped and stabbed 4 times.

    Thanks to New Zealand’s Thick Blue Line the murder remained unsolved for seven years. It’s believed that the mystery was finally solved by a retired detective from Scotland yard.

    The prosecutor said Reekers had shown “incredible brutality and callousness” in the killing of Marie Jamieson.

    “The last moments of this young woman’s life must have been terrifying.”

    Evil Justice Stevens said: “I found these statements to be deeply moving and portray meaningfully the various ways your actions in killing Miss Jamieson had devastated their lives.

    “She had suffered at least three stab wounds to the chest and it appeared she had also suffered a throat injury.

    “Despite the advanced state of decomposition the injury around her throat was consistent with it being slit.”

    Reekers had 90 previous convictions, the judge acknowledged, starting with a conviction for rape and indecent assault in 1978, which he served 5 and 1/2 years in prison for, Justice Stevens said.

    Ms Jamieson’s sister, Linda Palmer, told the court the day her sister’s body discovered in 2001 was “the most mind-numbing experience of my life”.

    “I could not fathom how somebody so twisted could do something like that to another human being.”

    However, despite all of the above, the evil judge failed to hand out a just sentence.

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    kiwi of the Week: Scumbag Glenn McNeill

    Posted by te2ataria on April 20, 2010

    Scumbag New Zealander Glenn McNeill, convicted of murdering waitress Janelle Patton changes Story

    New Zealand chef Glenn McNeill, convicted of murdering waitress Janelle Patton on Norfolk Island in 2007 now denies killing Ms Patton. He said he only dumped her body.

    Murderer: Scumbag New Zealander Glenn McMentallyill invents a new story. Source: NZPA/The Norfolk Islander. Image may be subject to copyright.

    “McNeill has claimed the killers were a drug-dealing couple on the tiny Pacific Island, who blackmailed him into disposing of the body because he’d stolen marijuana plants from them,” according to a report.

    The victim’s body was found in 2002 but McNeill was arrested four years later in New Zealand.

    The perfidious kiwi has reportedly refused to name the couple allegedly involved, and has not provided any evidence for his new claim.

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    Police Kill Another Motorcyclist

    Posted by te2ataria on April 19, 2010

    Raring to Kill, Police Driver Executes the Wrong Victim

    The collateral murder rate by NZ police is on the rise. Up to recently, their  chase-to-kill policy usually targeted people “having fun.”

    Motorcyclist was killed after a turning police car suddenly blocked his path on Waerenga Rd, near Te Kauwhata Sunday. Photo: BRUCE MCCULLOCH. Image may be subject to copyright.

    Now anyone is fare game.

    Paul Brown, 38, from Te Kauwhata was killed after his motorcycle collided with  turning police car, which was about to  to chase a “speeding” motorist. has been named.

    “Brown was a former supermotard racer and 600 sports production racer,”  according to a report.

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    When it comes to child sex, racism and “flag-wrapped” nationalism

    Posted by te2ataria on April 19, 2010

    When it comes to child sex, racism and “flag-wrapped” nationalism, kiwis, Aussies and a few others become indistinguishable. For a backgrounder see Comment

    Child sex tourism study ‘blames Aussies’


    September 13, 2009

    With a middle-class background and an internet connection, the Australian man is keen to explore travel deals advertised across the web.

    He is the co-worker, relative and mate who awaits cheap flights to Southeast Asia that the economic downturn has made all the more plentiful.

    But he is drawn to such tropical places not for the beaches, cheap drinks and a brief escape from the rat race.

    He is the customer in a growing global issue that sees over 1.8 million children as young as eight years old being sold for sex – sometimes up to ten times a day – until they’re considered “worthless” before they reach their 30th birthday.

    And new studies reveal this man has more mates than ever who think and act just like him.

    Australians make up the largest portion of foreign sex offenders against children in Thailand, according to research at John Hopkins University in Baltimore that studied patterns of arrests and prosecutions between 1995 and 2006.

    His money is fuelling a $US31.6 billion ($A36.5 billion) industry in trafficking in what a recent report by a global network of groups against child sex slavery concludes is a “massive human rights violation that is currently going largely unnoticed around the world”.

    Bernadette McMenamin, CEO of Child Wise Australia, says child sex trafficking remains a hidden problem that most Australians have become complacent about – even though a main root of the global crime is the Australian offender.

    “People tell us, ‘It happens overseas. Isn’t that an issue we talked about years ago?’ But what we’ve found is that … the supply and demand factors fuelling child sex slavery have actually grown,” she told AAP.

    “The number of children entering the trade has grown. Efforts to combat this problem have not succeeded despite pouring money into overseas governments.”

    A new global campaign called “Stop Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People,” will be launched on Monday to help reverse the trend and bring the issue back into the homes of the average Australian.

    Being run across 45 countries, the campaign aims to raise awareness, conduct a survey on people’s attitudes and lobby national governments.

    In February, Child Wise will step up the campaign by backing stalled amendments to child sex tourism laws in the federal parliament.

    Rather than seeing authorities wait for child sex to occur before acting, the amendments seek out preparatory offences: stopping sex offenders from travelling overseas, buying flights and possessing child pornography.

    “We’ve waited long enough,” Ms McMenamin says of the proposed changes. “We’re simply not keeping up with travelling sex offenders.”

    Only small changes are required to save Asian girls from being sold into a life of slavery, she says.

    The Body Shop has already joined the Child Wise campaign by selling a hand cream that directs profits to Cambodian outreach programs.

    Such programs can provide support for girls and keep them in school with books, pens and bicycles.

    It may not seem like a lot but the average child sex slave is sold for only a few hundred dollars by a family or boyfriend in poverty desperate for cash, she says.

    In Cambodia children are brought in from Vietnam or taken from village to village, then off to Thailand.

    All these victims suffer lifelong mental and physical damage. Some contract HIV/AIDS while most find it hard to reintegrate into society after a decade of such slavery.

    Ms McMenamin says most Australians view the price of petrol as a greater concern than the welfare of foreign children.

    “We have increased awareness and there have been some arrests but overall we’re not putting a dent in the problem,” she says.

    “We need people to try and think beyond what’s going on in their lives.” © 2010 AAP


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    New Zealand: World’s Highest Rate of Missing Teens

    Posted by te2ataria on April 16, 2010

    Nelson teen missing, presume the worst

    More teens go permanently missing in NZ than in any other OECD country. About 80 percent are victims of foul play, while the other 20 percent commit suicide.

    Leo Lipp-Neighbours left his friend’ flat in Nelson early three months ago and has not been seen or heard from since.

    Like many of his peers, teenager Leo Lipp-Neighbours is gone missing. He has been missing since January 24.

    Leo left a a friend’s flat in Nelson early on January 24, never to be seen again.

    “Anonymous tipline Crimestoppers announced a $10,000 reward would be paid for “material information or evidence” which leads to the locating of Leo and his orange Toyota Corolla stationwagon.'” according to a report.

    Crimestoppers spokesman Lou Gardiner said:

    “Leo was last seen with friends and gave no indication of where he was going when he left the group.

    “The friends and family have searched the surrounding areas for any signs of Leo and his car but to date have failed to find any indication of his whereabouts.”

    “I think we can all feel, especially those who are parents, for the situation that Leo’s parents find themselves in. A son has disappeared and they have no idea what has happened to him. “

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    Police Cleared in Murder of Briton, Lee Jane Mettam

    Posted by te2ataria on April 15, 2010

    Remember the Murder of British Drug Addict Lee Jane Mettam by a New Zealand Paramilitary Death Squad?

    Mettam was a down and out addict. She was desperate, and was carrying an airgun.

    It Took a Full Squad of  Scumbag Paramilitary Police Force in New Zealand to Shoot Briton, Lee Jane Mettam, 37. She was shot in the chest several times, even though she couldn’t have harmed a fly.

    THE SCENE: A woman was repeatedly shot by police at the First Mobile Vodafone shop in Reyburn St, Whangarei 23 Oct 2008. Photo: WHANGAREI LEADER. Image may be subject to copyright.

    A trigger-happy police scumbag fatally shot a Briton Lee Jane Mettam, 37, of Onerahi, Whangarei, who was carrying an airgun. The police assassin, of course, could have shot the “armed and dangerous woman” in the leg or arm to incapacitate her; however, the scumbag deliberately shot the victim in the chest and let her lay on the ground bleeding for several hours so that there would be no chance of her surviving the assassination.

    The Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) has cleared the unnamed police murderer,  “Officer A”,  saying he was justified in shooting Lee Meetam.

    “In light of the immediate threat of death or grievous bodily harm to himself and others, and he could not have reasonably protected himself or others in a less violent manner in the circumstances,” the IPCA kangaroo inquiry said.

    A message to the Authority Chair, the Evil Justice Lowell Goddard, who said other options such as using a police dog or Taser were not available or impracticable:

    The moderators sincerely wish something as bad, or worse, would happen to you or someone very close to you, one day soon!

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    U.S. Basketballer Viciously Attacked in New Zealand

    Posted by te2ataria on April 13, 2010

    sent by a reader

    Kiwis Love For Americans Invariably Ends in Attempted Murder

    US Basketballer Tyler Amaya was racially abused and viciously beaten up by a bunch of locals in Dunedin, New Zealand, on Sunday.

    The American basketballer plays for the Otago Nuggets suffered serious concussion,  as well as a black eye and a nasty gash to the back of his head.

    Tyler Amaya. Image may be subject to copyright.

    “Coach Alf Arlidge said US import Tyler Amaya was socialising with team members in Dunedin when one of them was subjected to racial taunts by a group of youths. He said Amaya was then king-hit from behind and suffered serious concussion, as well as a black eye and a cut to the back of his head.” Media reported.

    Arlidge conformed that the attack, which took place on George Street near the Octagon, was completely unprovoked.

    “It makes you wonder what the heck’s going on, unfortunately, on the streets of Dunedin when we tell everyone it’s a safe place to come and live,” Arlidge said.

    “I’m really disappointed. These guys are guests in our country and city and they shouldn’t have to go through this.”

    Amaya has since filed a complaint with police, but he would be naive to believe that the racist New Zealand police are any better than the thugs who attacked him.

    “Arlidge said Amaya only has a 50 per cent chance of playing in Saturday’s derby against the Southland Sharks in Dunedin.” The report added.

    “Obviously it’s disrupted our practice this week. He probably won’t practice again tonight. The doctor’s going to have another look at him on Wednesday, see how it is with his concussion… obviously he’s got stitches in the back of his head.”

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    Another Police Chase Ends in Major Crash

    Posted by te2ataria on April 12, 2010

    Driver LUCKY to Be Alive!

    Dunedin police pursuit ends in yet another crash

    Police pursuit of a “speeding” vehicle near Dunedin  ended in a crash, again, this morning.

    A police patrol car with nothing to do fancied chasing a late-model Holden on State Highway 1 about 9.30am, and began the pursuit.

    “The Holden pulled a u-turn and overtook a truck before the driver lost control and crashed in a rest area.” A report said, not qualifying what exactly was meant by or how the driver “pulled a u-turn and overtook a truck”.

    The driver was lucky to escape injuries, but the car was write-off.

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    Blog Receives Another Death Threat

    Posted by te2ataria on April 11, 2010

    In response to posting

    Eugene TerreBlanche: A Fitting Epitaph

    The Moderators have received a death threat from a reader hiding behind a false name and a false email address.

    The IP Address from which the death threat originated:

    The following information about the IP address was provided by APNIC. –
    netname: ORCON-DSL
    descr: Orcon Internet Ltd Support
    descr: P.O Box 302362
    descr: North Harbour
    descr: Auckland
    country: NZ
    admin-c: OS24-AP
    tech-c: OA7-AP
    mnt-by: MAINT-NZ-ORCON
    changed: apnic@orcon.net.nz 20090506
    source: APNIC
    person: Orcon Internet Abuse
    nic-hdl: OA7-AP
    e-mail: abuse@orcon.net.nz
    address: Orcon Internet Ltd Support
    address: P.O Box 302362
    address: North Harbour
    address: Auckland
    phone: +64-9-444-4414
    fax-no: +64-9-444-4444
    country: NZ
    changed: tsalmen@orcon.net.nz 20050708 (Thomas Salmen)
    mnt-by: MAINT-NZ-ORCON
    source: APNIC

    More details are available at http://wq.apnic.net/apnic-bin/whois.pl/

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