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New Zealand Openly Discriminates Against Asians

Posted by te2ataria on April 3, 2010

Asians Must Lose Identity to Get a Job Interview

Today, Asians Are Changing Their Names; Tomorrow they’ll have to Bleach Their Skin Just to Get a Job Interview

And so what if they got a job interview, they’ll never be offered a proper job!

The rate of unemployment among Asians in apartheid New Zealand is about twice as high as that of the white population.

“Massey University researcher Paul Spoonley says New Zealand employers, especially in small and medium-sized businesses, tend to eliminate Asian applicants very early in the process through surname discrimination.” NZHerald said.

“We have a lot of research and anecdotal evidence that New Zealand employers are reluctant to employ Asians, so changing surnames is a novel way of getting a CV read,” Spoonley said.

Asian immigrants told the Weekend Herald they changed their names in a desperate attempt to find work.

Anti-Asian discrimination is significant among New Zealand employers, according to the findings of a University of Auckland School of Business survey conducted in 2005. found.

Having a Chinese or Indian name significantly increased chances of being considered unsuitable, the survey found.

Asian immigrants told the Weekend Herald they changed their names in a desperate attempt to find work.

In the last 12 months 2029 immigrants registered to change their names including 264 Chinese, 152 Indians, 98 Iraqis and 97 Malaysians, Herald reported

A Chinese university graduate officially changed her name to Brenda Jones just to get a job interview. She did so because she couldn’t land a single job interview, while  her former classmates, white New Zealanders who graduated from the same IT course, were getting employed.

I was feeling very desperate and very small. Changing my name is not something I am proud of doing, but I really didn’t know what else to do.

New Zealand’s Internal Affairs [Gestapo] says only New Zealand citizens or permanent residents with indefinite visas can register for an official name change.

What is the Race Relations Commissioner, Joris de Bres, doing about the blatant apartheid in New Zealand? With his head still stuck between his legs,  he probably thinks the discrimination is not as bad as it was in South Africa.

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38 Responses to “New Zealand Openly Discriminates Against Asians”

  1. Mike said

    NZ has always openly discriminated against the Chinese. Check out The Poll Tax in NZ by Nigel Murphy. Anything by Brian Moloughney. Or by Manying Ip.
    It was apartheid by another name.

  2. samuel welsh said

    [Is that a fact? Moderator]

  3. baltej said

    Police never bothers complaints of asians as my son reported of bribery by Pac n save employee for giving job but till date no action taken by police.

    [the whole lot of them are corrupt. Moderator.]

  4. David said

    [Load of B.S., and YOU know it. Moderator]

  5. Anthony said

    Admit it,New Zealand is no better than Australia. Politically trying to be buddies with China, its really all about money.

  6. Sid said

    the article is true..have got more than 200 rejects on job offers..no single interview,no money left..living in as a boarder..am a qualified doctor of medicine in india and planning to leave as soon as i get good flight deals..thank you very much NZ..

  7. Mike said

    and our PM seems to have NO opinion on these matters. 😦

  8. Mike said

    He did get booed at Westpac Stadium in Wellington last night. Always hard to tell how much of the crowd joined in but around me many did.

  9. PT said

    this site reflects the truth. well done!
    those in power in new zealand is also into censorship to cover their dirt and bad acts, nz is definitely worse than china!

    [It’d be interesting if you compared the “Dark Land” with N. Korea. Moderator]

  10. Dude said

    Yeah its true in NZ us whites don’t like asians. We think they smell funny, look weird and all look the same. trying to force us to be different will only incur asians more problems./

    This is one of the only remaining countries not to be ‘taken over’ by Gooks….although in some areas you’d disagree.
    If you want to live here then shut the fuck up – take the abuse or fuck off back to asia.

    Try and force us to change our ways in our own fucken country. Pathetic Gooks

  11. te2ataria said

    @ Dude

    Dude, as a white person who spent a year or two teaching in SE Asia, I can tell you that they find us particularly malodourous.

    “If you want to live here then shut the fuck up – take the abuse or fuck off back to asia.”

    Funny you should say that! Imagine how our Maori cousins feel about us.

    “Try and force us to change our ways in our own fucken country.”

    Erecting flags with tarty stars everywhere doesn’t make this “our country.”

    “Pathetic Gooks”

    I’m reminded that few Asians who know about our culture have referred to us as “pathetic pakeha,” and it perfectly rhymes.
    White Moderator K.

  12. Michael said

    I remember that I was just going for a walk with my cousin, when a car slowed down next to us, and the white New Zealand people in the car started yelling racist insults at us, and then, they threw a half-eaten hamburger which hit my cousin on his head.

    My cousin told me that the Chinese people normally always walk in a group of 4 or 5 people, because if a Chinese person walks alone, he is likely to be yelled at and to have rubbish thrown at him by the New Zealand people.

    New Zealand is far more racist than Australia or England.

    Normally, if a Chinese person walks along the street in England, it is highly unlikely that the white English people will yell racist insults at him, because most English people only look down on Chinese people, most English people do not resent the Chinese people. And in Australia, of course, it may happen sometimes, some white Australian people will start yelling insults at a Chinese person, because some Australian people seem to resent and hate the Chinese people. But in New Zealand, it is very common that the New Zealand people will start yelling and throwing rubbish at a Chinese person who happens to walk alone, because most white New Zealand people look down on the Chinese people and most New Zealand people do seem to resent and hate the Chinese people.

    At least, in England, the white English people only look down on the Chinese people, but they do not hate the Chinese people!

    In New Zealand, not only do the white New Zealand people look down on the Asians, the New Zealand people also hate the Asians!

    My Chinese cousin also told me that it is nearly impossible for Chinese students who graduate from university in New Zealand to find suitable employment, because the white New Zealand employers are racist, and they do not want to hire Asian graduates.

  13. Michael said

    As a matter of fact, the best way to measure racism in New Zealand is simply to look at the number of Chinese boys who have white New Zealand girlfriends or marry white New Zealand girls.

    In New Zealand, less than 2% of all the Chinese boys have a white New Zealand girlfriend or marry a white New Zealand girl, whereas in Australia, it is slightly better, less than 3% of all the Chinese boys in Australia have a white Australian girlfriend or marry a white Australian girl, and England is even better, with close to 5% of all the Chinese boys in England having a white English girlfriend or marrying a white English girl.

    Of course, those are racist white British countries, where the racist white British people look down on the Chinese people. The racist British people believe that the Asians are inferior and second-class people, and most white British girls, such as the white New Zealand Kiwi girls, would never want to marry the Chinese people they deem to be so inferior.

    On the other hand, the vast majority of white Western countries, such as Sweden, Holland, Germany, Italy, Poland, France, Russia, Spain, Greece,…are not as racist towards Asians as the white British countries.

    In most western countries such as in Sweden or Holland, the white Swedish and Dutch people tend to be friendly towards Asian people. The white people in Sweden and Holland have a rather positive image of Asians, and the white Swedish and Dutch people will tend to treat the Asian people as equals, equals to white people.

  14. te2ataria said

    @ Michael

    Some of the other “white Western countries” that you have mentioned also have their own prejudices against Asians/colored people, but you’re right to conclude “the white British countries,” New Zealanders and Australians take the biscuit.

  15. Mike said

    I lived in England for many years and when I got back to NZ I was surprised by how much racism exists here. It’s so casual and many people seem unaware that what they have said may cause offence.

    I don’t know what the answer is. 😦

  16. Andrew Liang said

    I think it’s an “islander mentality”. They are so ignorant, and rude. I tend to believe that many white new zealanders are good, at least have some level of education. I’m a Chinese student at the University of Otago. I found that students who study mathematics with me are least racist. And students who study commerce are the worst. They tend to have an unquenchable impulsivity, relatively low IQ, to be honest with you. A country’s youth is her future. And take a look at New Zealand, the country which hypocritical white people stole from Maori people, teenagers are so problematic. Racism is becoming a trade mark of New Zealand. Aren’t you feel ashamed? Being a racist never ever gonna make you better than the ones who you think are “inferior” to you. You racist white people are pathetic! YOU DOMINATE the field of racism!!
    If there is going to be a Nobel Racist prize, I assume white people will be the monopoly. If you really want to talk about race, I recommend you to read “RACE, EVOLUTION,AND BEHAVIOR” by Professor J. Philippe Rushton. It’s all about evolution man. People with low level intelligence are more likely be racist. (given the general level of education is the lowest for New Zealand among OECD countries).

    I feel sorry for you guys no matter makes you a racist. You are ruining your life! You are littering it with hatred and injustice.

  17. Jake said

    There is no “White” person alive who ever stole any land of “Maori”. If by merely being in New Zealand such as yourself then you have stolen land also. Furthermore there are not full blooded Maori’s left and most Pakeha and Maori share common blood lines. The reason most Asian peoples feel left out is because the Treaty of Waitangi (the founding document of our nation) was signed between the British and the Maori. New Zealand from that point on has been a bi-cultural society fighting to forge a single culture and nation. Asians and Polynesians were never part of that agreement and have offered little to our culture or institutions. Asians come to fill the skill shortages, and take our high paid jobs and Polynesians come here to do menial jobs to get their children into good schools. Most of the productive work such as agriculture and horticulture is carried out by Maori and Pakeha. Why when times are tough and our own people can’t find work should we employ foreigners who offer little and take take take.

    • Plumtart said

      it is dangerous and unfair to draw conclusions about asians and apply it to them all like this. i am not the take take take type and have contributed a lot. however, it is the hatred and bullying mentality of some kiwis who destroy the relationships. they may try to frame you into guilt or criminal accusations by abusing the police or legal system, or the workmates may rob away your work credit and bad mouth you. either way, the kiwis have a problem to see you settle and lead a normal life because their heads are filled up with so much strong negative prejudice against asians, any good will or contributions you make all become silenced, and kiwis feel better putting us down. it is all pointless really that we cant settle in a peaceful win win harmonious situation. they just have to dominate everything and be in the ‘right’ always, right?

  18. ahmed said

    [Your comments may be allowed, IF you express yourself without insulting other readers. Moderator]

    [P.s., with a screen name like that, you could have fooled anyone!!!]

  19. Mich said

    [wrong blog for your sick thoughts. Moderator]

  20. mana2012 said

    [Moderator says: Dude, we don’t advocate violence on this blog!]

  21. Against all immigrants !!!!! I have also applied for 200 jobs, people with no qualifications stand a better chance of landing a job. This country has cost me my whole life!!!!!!!

  22. motherfucker23 said

  23. samuel welsh said

    no no nz is not a racist country but we did have open discrimination towards the chinnese in the 1870s.
    real racism is pretty much dead.

  24. loulanye said

    Well, some times it surprises me because New Zealanders are known as such friendly people. I have no issues if someone doesn’t like Asians or is opinionated on subject matters of race or whatever because it is their right and they are entitled to it. However, I don’t like the actions that some people take to express it. If we were to have a civilized conversation where in they put their ideas and beliefs into the conversation, I have no problem.
    But, what I do have a problem with is when they conversation(if you can even call it that) is not civil, and often involves violent or degrading gestures/violent. For example I have had cases where there was some guy driving in a car and I was tying my shoe-laces on my way to school(primary school, I was ten) and he threw his half-eaten sandwich at me. Heck, I was just a kid and that really shook me. How can they resort to this type of behavior against children? More one occasion people have yelled at me with racial-slurs or threatened to hurt me because I was a ‘bloody Asian’. My Asian friends too have also had similar experiences. I know that some of the Asian people who live here are indeed quite rude, arrogant and embarrassing, however, more often than not, the average Asians that live here are not those people and are actually very hard-working and law-abiding citizens that pay their taxes, donate to charities and work their butts off to pay for mortgages on houses/cars. When someone (generally white) then threatens us and verbally or maybe even physically abuse us just because of what they think we are or did, it is really unfounded and simply ignorant.

    • te2ataria said

      “If we were to have a civilized conversation where in they put their ideas and beliefs …”

      Racism is firmly embedded in 4 out of 5 primal instincts, namely survival (self-protection), territorialism, ritualism and hierarchy.

      The fear associated with those instincts can be real or perceived. For example we Kiwis and Aussies fear the Chinese because of what they might do to us, given their huge numbers (perceived threat).

      On the other hand, the Chinese, Koreans, Filipinos, etc., stigmatize and loathe the Japanese for perpetrating horrendous atrocities against them.

      As a matter of interest, where are you originally from?

  25. dianne said

    Shame on google for not positioning this post higher!

  26. BF said

    Been in NZ for 19 years before that my parents lived in Hong Kong, tried to work in the railways and it is known they do openly discriminate, my mum who works in a supermarket checkout, all she got was a $0.05 pay rise and because of this me and my parents are hoping to move to the US rather than stay here.

    • te2ataria said

      Good luck! Any place would be better than ‘no place!’
      Our colleagues have strongly advised against moving to the U.S. West, NW, Midwest, South, SW, East, SE, and NE.

  27. samuel said

    in truth the attacks are rare these days but Chinese investment is always unwelcome.
    love Chinese not their government or their business culture.

  28. BF said

    Most Asians in New Zealand have a hard time finding any form of employment in New Zealand, the truth is when people find there is no employment prospect in New Zealand, they just ditch and leave to the country they came from.

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