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Eugene TerreBlanche: A Fitting Epitaph

Posted by te2ataria on April 5, 2010

sent by a white South African reader

Here lies a murderous, rapist, thieving, fat, ugly, bastard, who readily personified EVIL

A spiritual father to many supremacists in New Zealand, Terreblanche, 69, was leader of the far-right Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging movement, AWB.

AWB’s “storm troopers” terrorized blacks in SA before the  majority rule. Many AWB Members still hope to create an all-white state within South Africa.

“Terreblanche had previously been convicted for a brutal attack on two black farm workers and was sentenced to six years in prison.” AP reported

Why was the human filth killed?

The mother of a 15-year-old teen suspected of killing him told Associated Press Television News Monday that her son says he killed the white supremacist leader Eugene Terreblanche with an iron rod because the farmer refused to pay him.

After he was beaten to death, his body was chopped  with machetes into tiny pieces, the report said.

He was a violent human filth that didn’t deserve to die peacefully.
[This blog does NOT condone murder! Moderator]

[The younger generation will never accept that apartheid nonsense. And they won’t let people like TerreBlanche take their land or money with impunity. Moderator.]

Terreblanche Quizz

Name at least one New Zealand politician who’s as evil and greedy as was Terreblanche. Honourable mention for every “right” answer.

3 Responses to “Eugene TerreBlanche: A Fitting Epitaph”

  1. caption said

    There is no room in SA for evil creatures like the fat, ugly, bastard and his followers!

  2. RIA said

    There is no room in SA for murderers, rapists, racists and people like him.

  3. te2ataria said

    Well said, both of you!

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