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Double Murder, Double Drowning, Double…

Posted by te2ataria on April 6, 2010

New Zealand’s Murders, Drownings, Road Deaths …  Are Now Occurring in Doubles

Double Murder

Two people were murdered in a caravan at the Maitai Valley Motor Camp in Nelson yesterday afternoon. The police, unable to carry even rudimentary forensic tests, immediately declared the murders were “murder-suicide.”

“Witnesses saw a man carrying a firearm enter a caravan at the camp ground about 11.20am, before hearing screams and two gunshots, The Press reported.”

Double Homicide
Two men were found dead at an address in Hokitika earlier today. The West Coast police said they were investigating a double homicide after.

A man called the police to report a shooting. “He told us there had been a shooting at the address,” a cop told Radio New Zealand.

Double Drowning

This category should be called 3 dozen double drowning because of so many drownings  in New Zealand in the past few days.

A search resumed this morning for a man who was presumed to have drowned at a Northland beach yesterday afternoon. The bodies of three other men who drowned in the South Island yesterday have been recovered.”

“A 45-year-old Invercargill man died in the Maroroa River, near the Mavora Lakes, after falling from his kayak at 1pm yesterday.”

“About two hours earlier, a 51-year-old Korean man was swept to his death while fishing off rocks at Cape Saunders, a popular fishing spot on the Otago Peninsula.”

“A 22-year-old Brazilian national living in Ashburton drowned while swimming at Lake Hood.”

Double Death while Fishing

Two “Polynesian friends,” Setaleki Funaki and Shane Naaroa, both 37, were killed during a flounder fishing expedition at Kawakawa Bay at the top of the Firth of Thames on Friday night.

Double, Double Missing in New Zealand

Police say a 73-year-old man has gone missing in west Auckland.

Meanwhile,  police said they were  searching for a Chinese woman who disappeared from her Auckland home nearly three months ago.

Jun Nan Tang, also known as Lucy Tang, left her West Auckland home on January 9 and has not been seen or heard of since. Any guesses what they do to Chinese [Asian] women in New Zealand?

A 15-year-old boy disappeared while boogie boarding at a West Auckland beach. Daniel Lado, who was born in Jordan to a Sudanese father and an Egyptian mother, was boarding with friends at Piha when he was swept out into the sea.

Easter road toll worst in 16 years

Though only a tiny fraction of the deaths and injuries on New Zealand roads are ever reported, speed and alcohol killed 11 during the Easter weekend.

They have, as usual, left out other major factors that contribute to the daily slaughter on New Zealand Death Roads: Cheap, shoddy and deadly construction of the Death Roads,  and the road unworthiness conditions of vehicles driven in New Zealand.

Several of the victims died in pairs.

Two times Two Doubles to the Power of Two

An 8-year-old boy was seriously injured after his head was run over by a car in a Hamilton driveway last night.

A 17-month-old girl was partially crushed by a reversing vehicle that had to be lifted off her at her Hamilton home on Saturday.

on March 27, a four-week-old girl died in a Waitakere City driveway after a rolling car knocked her from her mother’s arms and ran her over (!)

On March 22, a two-year-old was killed when a family friend reversing a car out of a driveway in Wairoa, in northern Hawke’s Bay, crushed her.

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2 Responses to “Double Murder, Double Drowning, Double…”

  1. Coral said

    It seems to be easy to get rid of a person by pushing someone on rocks or held down under the water and told, they had died with consistent drowning even though its been said, extremely unusual and rare for a person who had just drowned has bruised neck muscles. Some authorities don’t investigate or interview families or neighbour’s. The perpetrator knows he got away with it, at the same time he wants to harm other family members that know he had drowned the person. New Zealander’s should be made aware of this and how many other families are trying to cope. So out of 123 drownings in 2011 how many were Homicide Drownings. The sea gets the blame. We need Detectives with higher intelligence and open minds.

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