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NZ Legal Hyenas Fighting Among Themselves

Posted by te2ataria on April 10, 2010

sent by a reader in Auckland [Edited by D.H and TEAA]

Pot Calling Pan Tarnished

There’s No Such Thing as an Honest Judge, Especially in New Zealand

How could you start professional life as a “bastard” [lawyer] and grow up to be legit as a judge?

Sir Edmund (Ted) Thomas, a former Court of Appeal judge, has risen a long complaint to the Judicial Conduct Commissioner, saying another judge, Justice Wilson, had failed to “disclose a debt he owed a senior lawyer at a time the lawyer argued a case before him,” according to a report.

Sir Edmund wrote the judge’s action would the tarnish the reputation of the court and not just the dishonest judge himself.

“There is a real risk that the court will be seen as dysfunctional. The court, and not just the individual judge, is brought into disrepute.” He said.

“Based on my 43 years’ or so experience at the bar and on the bench, I believe that any other judge I have known would have stood down or made a complete disclosure.”

Justice Wilson owed the senior lawyer Mr Galbraith $242,804.

I’ll leave the little nitty gritties of the legal system to the dogs, but have this question:

  • When a group of people live on and feed from stolen property, how could they claim to have a justice system, let alone one free from fraud and void of dishonest judges?
  • How is it that in a country with an hourly minimum wage of $12.75 the average judge is a multimillionaire ?

Why are they cannibalizing their own?

Justice Bill Wilson is a greedy bastard. He’s keeping all the meat and bones to himself breaking with the legal tradition of sharing the loot among the the pack. Other judges can’t have any of that. So, he’s fair game.

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