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New Zealand Economy Faces Early Collapse

Posted by te2ataria on April 24, 2010

sent in by readers

Beware of the Ides of September

Roof of New Zealand’s financial sky could collapse even earlier!

Quotes of the week:

Raising the price of kiwi fruit

“For New Zealand economy to Avoid meltdown, the authorities must raise price of kiwi to over US$5,430 each, and hope that the export markets can afford it.” —Allan C (New York)

New Zealand’s Sovereign Credit Rating [sic]

“Unsurprisingly,  the credit rating agencies that inflate New Zealand’s Sovereign Credit Rating are the same people that passed mortgage-backed junk bound as triple A rating.” —GDN (London)

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One Response to “New Zealand Economy Faces Early Collapse”

  1. C.V. said

    Developing nations are undercutting New Zealand’s bulk animal protein exports, and will overtake New Zealand on the global market within 5 years if the Kiwis don’t crank it up and keep it up.

    Combined with the drop in tourism due to recession, the fragile grossly overinflated land values, and stagnant market (which continues despite laughable domestic reports of resuscitation), peak oil, and blogs such as your own reporting on the stinking carcasses lying under the clean greenery, New Zealand’s economy is certainly facing some challenges.

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