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Kings of Death College

Posted by te2ataria on May 11, 2010

What is it they do to the kids at King’s College?

Two Students Found Dead in Little Over 2 Months in the Same School

How Did William Richard Thode Die?

William Richard Thode, 15, a student boarder at King’s College in Otahuhu, south Auckland, was fond dead on February 17, 2010.

King’s College is an exclusive secondary school  for rich kids, pakeha and foreigners who like to send their kids abroad, teaching boarding and day students from Year 9 to Year 13 [14 to 18 year-old.]

Police initially said “the death did not appear to be suspicious,” but further tests were required to determine the actual cause of death “and results should be available within the next two or three weeks.

Mr Thode’s body was discovered at about 7.20am.

How Did James Webster Die?

James Webster, 16, died in his sleep. What drove him to drink a bottle of vodka,  if that’s what really killed him?

King’s College student James Webster’s uncle, Donald Webster, said the 16-year-old King’s College schoolboy who died in his sleep had “everything to live for.”

King’s College chaplain Reverend Warner Wilde (!) said: “He was such a lovely guy.  He was the most cheerful, positive, kind boy you could hope to meet.  He was God’s very special little boy.” A report said.

They say he drank a bottle of vodka, which killed him. At least the reported cause of death in his case appears to be convincing.

It would be interesting to compare the death stats at King’s College with other schools, even entire communities. But that sort of data is not available.

3 Responses to “Kings of Death College”

  1. brokenprince said

    I think the way that this boys death is being splashed in the media is disgusting. He was not a saint, he was a criminal, one for theft, two for drinking under age and three for supplying it to minors!

    He should be a poster child for what not to do, this is what happens you, you dickhead teenagers, when you ignore a law put in place to protect your dumb arses!

    He was given prefect badges!? these are reserved for the students to look up to!

  2. Sammy said

    How the hell can you say that.
    He was a saint, and one of the kindst boys i could have ever gone to school with. Yes he did a stupid thing, but you have no right to say shit like that.

    I would like to see you lose a friend and have to go through the pain that King’s College is going through at this time.
    The kings college family has lost another brother this year. We love you Webby no matter what other people say.

    He sure as hell got those badges,and there was no way he should have left without them, he was a star. A lot of kids do still look up to him.

    RIP webby, gone but never forgottn xx

  3. Anaru said

    [That’s a load of BS and you know it. Moderator]

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