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Former U.S. Marine Killed in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on May 17, 2010

Former U.S. Marine Killed by a New Zealander

Jason Palmer, a former U.S. Marine who immigrated to New Zealand and worked as a  corrections officer at Spring Hill Prison, was killed by an inmate.

For a detailed writeup see Jason Palmer wanted out. He felt unsafe .

Jason Palmer and his wife Tracy photographed with their two kids Riley and Abbey in 2007. Mr Palmer, 33, a former Marine, came to New Zealand eight years ago.

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2 Responses to “Former U.S. Marine Killed in New Zealand”

  1. JLT said

    Interesting. That moron Trevor Loudon comes on some of our websites in the US and goes one about how New Zealand is rounding up the Maoris and imprisoning them.

    I have some mixed views on this one.

    On one hand, all societies need to have some system to deal with extremely violent or sociopathic people, and for better or worse a prison is the best we have been able to do world wide, short of just killing them outright, the scheme which proceeded this prion thinking.

    On the other, when I see that the prison population consists primarily of those natives of a land the white invaders discovered they need to imprison, I question how much of this violence is either manufactured by the invaders or is the consequence of their invasion and cultural, social and actual genocide of the invaders.

    In the case of New Zealand, like that of Canada and the United States, I see to greatly enhanced imprisonment of minorities in a very negative light. Certainly there are innocent victims of this clash of cultures and Palmer may be as big a one as some Maori rounded up and framed by the criminally incompetent New Zealand police.

    There are people who chose to work as prison guards hoping to do good things and help damaged people. You would not want a bunch of swastika wearing white supremacists working as prison guards over a prison population that is half Maori for instance.

    But in all this the real criminals who you style as pakehas, sit in their exclusive country clubs (or the New Zealand equivalent,) immune from any consequences of their crimes against humanity. The Wall Street Champion John Key or his buddies will never be killed subjugating the natural consequences of their conduct until the population rises in revolt and marches on Wellington with torches and farm implements.

    Perhaps, and very unfortunately, it is for the best, as the real and actual consequences of the pakeha criminal conduct slowly rises up the social stratum towards the rulers at the top.

  2. Mike said

    [Mike, assuming you’re an Aussie, NOT a sick pakeha hiding behind an Aussie email address, there are tens of thousands of news items about how aborigines, especially the kids, are mistreated. Perhaps that would help you with your perverted pleasure sessions. Meanwhile, see https://newzeelend.wordpress.com/2009/11/16/new-zealand-govt-more-lies-and-contradictions/ for the foreplay. Moderator: KC]

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