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Bad Weather and Flooding Plague Parts of New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on May 26, 2010


Snow Blizzard, Heavy Winds, Torrential Rains, Flooding, Landslides on the Way!

Meanwhile, a cold snap was expected to move to the the South Island bringing in snow and misery before the weekend, NZPA said.

MetService forecaster Andy Downs said the worst of the heavy rain had moved to the east but there would be more showers and strong southerlies in Wellington and plunging temperatures in the South Island.

Snow was likely to reach 300 metres in eastern parts of Southland and Otago tonight and down to 200m in Canterbury and Otago tomorrow.

“The temperatures will be hovering near to freezing.”

Waitaki Civil Defence spokesman Richard Mabon said the forecast snowfalls would be a big concern to farmers who had moved stock to higher ground because of flooding, and could see stock moved for the second time in three days.

Earlier the army was called in to help residents stranded by flooding in North Otago, th ereport said. “Soldiers and two Unimogs would today attempt to access areas cut off by heavy rain.”

It’s rumored that none of those being evacuated boarded  the two Iroquois helicopters on standby, due to safety concerns.

“Heavy rain isolated Oamaru yesterday and an evacuation assembly point was set up in Kakanui, 11km away.”

WILL New Zealand be one of the first countries to GO?

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