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French Tourists Won’t Understand English

Posted by te2ataria on May 29, 2010

Keep Out! Stay Alive!

Let’s not insult French tourists by calling them masochists

The problem is, unlike tourists from other countries, most French visitors KNOW the risks of traveling to New Zealand.

Nightmare in New Zealand

Three French tourists thought they were about to die as they were being severely beaten in Northland by two men who said they were police officers.

Antonin Schopfer, 27, Guillaume Rey, 26, and Sebastien Vautier, 29, finally reveal details of their ordeal-nightmare in New Zealand.

“The trio were nearing the end of a three-week campervan trip and were tired after driving back from Cape Reinga and parked in a rest area near Mangamuka, east of Kaitaia. They were fast asleep when there was a knock on the window about 1.30am.” Dominion Post reported.

Mr Schopfer said two men said they were police officers and wanted them to open the door.

“When that failed they asked for money, and the frightened Frenchmen handed about $500 through a window.”

$500 Won’t buy You Much in New Zealand

“They started kicking the door and it exploded. They came into the van and started beating one of my friends and the other got punched in the face,” Mr Schopfer said

“They were saying they had a gun so the three of us really thought we were going to die. It was the worst moment of my life and it was the same for my friends.”

“Though Mr Schopfer escaped injury, Mr Vautier was kicked and repeatedly punched – losing a tooth – while he was still in bed.” The DomPost said.

The two “police officers” stole two cellphones and a camera.

“The trio say they struggle to understand why such violence was necessary.” DomPost said.

“They could have taken everything without beating us,” Mr Schopfer said. “One of them was beating my friend for no reason. Maybe they thought we had more money but my friend kept saying: `No, we’ve given you all the money’.”


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