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Dumbass Navy’s 2nd New Ship Breaks Down

Posted by te2ataria on May 31, 2010

Land Ahoy!!!

New Zealand Bathtub Navy’s 2nd New Vessel Breaks Down on Maiden Voyage

Informed sources told blog moderator the ship has also sprung a leak!

Two new naval vessels, lots of hilarious disasters. Well, the adventures of the Micky Mouse navy would have been hilarious had not the money to buy the dud ships come from the same purse that denies more than a quarter of a million poor kids in this country their most basic needs like food and health.

Navy chief Butt Admiral Tony Parr said: Wellington and its sister ship Otago were designed and built to patrol and protect New Zealand, the Southern Ocean and the Pacific. [It’s too bad you can’t keep them afloat long enough to leave the harbour, Butt Admiral]

STICK THE GUNS MR KEY!  The kids are malnourished.

Navy’s new ship breaks down

The navy’s newest ship has been forced to abort its maiden voyage because of engine problems, just months after its sister ship suffered the same fault.

The HMNZS Wellington had to divert to Sydney during its voyage from Melbourne to Auckland today after a water seal leaked in its port engine and its starboard engine control system developed a fault.

Engine problems also struck Wellington’s sister ship, the offshore patrol vessel HMNZS Otago, which had to delay its maiden voyage to Auckland in March.

Wellington was in the Tasman Sea about 650km from Sydney when the problem was discovered early this morning.

Technicians from the engine’s manufacturer MAN have met the ship in Sydney and were working with the ship’s engineers. The engine is under warranty so repairs will not cost the navy anything.

It is the seventh and last ship in the $500 million Project Protector fleet, and with its delivery the navy will have a fleet of 12.

Full story…

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4 Responses to “Dumbass Navy’s 2nd New Ship Breaks Down”

  1. te2ataria said

    HMNZS Otago stalls again

    “The Navy’s newest ship, the fault-prone HMNZS Otago, is once again being forced to return to port.”


  2. Eggbert said

    if 90% of the rental housing stock is anything to go by, I am not surprised USS Pakeha couldn’t make it out of port. I am sure they cut a lot of corners on it, conventional practice. 🙂 Did they ever find the bobbing nose cone for that rocket whose launch fizzled into the sea? Maybe it is floating around out there somewhere with any bits of tourist meat that haven’t been cleaned up by sharks.

  3. te2ataria said

    @ Eggbert
    “Did they ever find the bobbing nose cone for that rocket whose launch fizzled into the sea? Maybe it is floating around out there somewhere with any bits of tourist meat that haven’t been cleaned up by sharks.”

    Don’t believe they have!

    Like the name “USS Pakeha” and will add it to the Competition: Name This Ship


  4. stedman said

    File under “Would explain a lot”.

    The former director of defense technology (with a high-level security clearance, such as it might be, *cough*) apparently had an elaborate fantasy life.

    (Let me guess – he got the job because he knew someone).

    “he had claimed to have competed against the famous Jamaican bobsled team — who featured in the film Cool Runnings — at the Olympics; served as a helicopter pilot with the U.K.’s Prince Andrew; been a British spy; played international rugby for Wales and been a folk music guitarist”.

    One thing’s for sure, te2 – if he is into fantasy, there’s a job waiting for him at Tourism New Zealand. Their new motto can be: “There’s a fine line between con and fantasy”

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