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kiwi Juror Masturbates in Courtroom

Posted by te2ataria on June 4, 2010

Sex Trial Turns Elderly Juror On

Male Juror Ejaculates at Sexual Abuse Trial, Female Judge Says Let’s Hear the Evidence Again!

The elderly man confided to his fellow jurors that he had been sexually aroused and masturbated in courtroom after hearing the victims’ evidence.

After sex trial Judge Mary Beth Sharp questioned the jurors on how they were feeling, “she was told the male juror had confided to his fellow jurors that he had been sexually aroused by the victims’ evidence but had coped on Tuesday by wearing a condom in the courtroom,” according to a report.

“Staff at the Auckland District Court yesterday confirmed the case had been aborted, but would not elaborate on why apart from saying it was as a result of a ‘contempt of court’ issue.”

Neither the police nor the Crown would comment on weather wearing a condom in the court was an issue, saying the case was still before the courts.

A source was quoted as saying that many such instances of jurors  acting inappropriately have previously occurred.

“While these sorts of events are certainly uncommon, this sort of conduct is not without precedent.”

It is understood police are looking for the used condom worn by the juror in the courtroom.

The female judge has so far refused to come clean about her own emotions during the trial.

5 Responses to “kiwi Juror Masturbates in Courtroom”

  1. JLT said


    Well I guess baby rapers get a jury of their peers in New Zealand.

  2. Ian said

    Thanks for opening my eyes.

  3. gabriele said


  4. carron said

    I truly believe that this kind of psychotic behaviour needs far more attention.

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