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Indian Mother and Child Murdered in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on June 9, 2010

Another Double Homicide in New Zealand

Ravneet Sangha, 32, and her two-year-old daughter Anna, were murdered in their Ngatai St home, in the suburb of Otumoetai,  Tauranga, Bay of Plenty of Murders, New Zealand, at the weekend.

“Western Bay of Plenty area commander Inspector Mike Clement will not yet comment on how, where or when the victims may have died,” according to a report.

“Mrs Sangha’s husband Dev Sangha, who arrived back in Auckland yesterday after a business trip to India, has had a stressful and sleepless night according to his family. Spokesman Daljit Singh says Mr Sangha has received a lot of support and will be required to formally identify the bodies this afternoon. Mr Singh says Mr Sangha cannot believe what has happened. He is likely to travel back to Tauranga tonight.”

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About 1 Million Dead Fish Washed Up on Northland Beaches

Posted by te2ataria on June 9, 2010

Dead Yellowtail, Seals and Stingrays Littered a 30-km Stretch of Northland Beaches

Hundreds of thousands of yellowtail as well as many seals and stingrays were washed up along Glinks Gully and Baylys Beach last weekend, eyewitnesses said.

Dead seals and stingrays were also washed up on Northland beaches, including Glinks Gully and Baylys Beach  Photo  Supplied by NZHerald reader
[Govt may have banned more vivid and descriptive photos.]

The most probable cause could be dumping of toxic chemicals at the sea, the blog Moderators believe.

“There were thousands, at least 30 kilometres up. It’s not on, there’s no other excuse. The smell was horrific.” An eyewitness said.

“It’s too much of a coincidence, really strange. Seals and stingrays are not generally known for throwing themselves on the beach.” Marine expert Dr Kendall Clements said.

“Possibilities are an accident like a net tearing open, a natural event such as algal poisoning or deliberate dumping at sea.” Darren Edwards, field operations manager for the Ministry of Fisheries Northland said.

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