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About 1 Million Dead Fish Washed Up on Northland Beaches

Posted by te2ataria on June 9, 2010

Dead Yellowtail, Seals and Stingrays Littered a 30-km Stretch of Northland Beaches

Hundreds of thousands of yellowtail as well as many seals and stingrays were washed up along Glinks Gully and Baylys Beach last weekend, eyewitnesses said.

Dead seals and stingrays were also washed up on Northland beaches, including Glinks Gully and Baylys Beach  Photo  Supplied by NZHerald reader
[Govt may have banned more vivid and descriptive photos.]

The most probable cause could be dumping of toxic chemicals at the sea, the blog Moderators believe.

“There were thousands, at least 30 kilometres up. It’s not on, there’s no other excuse. The smell was horrific.” An eyewitness said.

“It’s too much of a coincidence, really strange. Seals and stingrays are not generally known for throwing themselves on the beach.” Marine expert Dr Kendall Clements said.

“Possibilities are an accident like a net tearing open, a natural event such as algal poisoning or deliberate dumping at sea.” Darren Edwards, field operations manager for the Ministry of Fisheries Northland said.

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14 Responses to “About 1 Million Dead Fish Washed Up on Northland Beaches”

  1. Jason said

    I was a comercial fisherman fishing from Glinks Gully for a couple of years and My father has been doing it for about 40years, this isn’t an uncommon occurance, Ive seen it myself a few times in the past 10 years or so. Mostly Yellow tail wash up still kicking and it normaly happens in calm seas, im not certain of the reason but they dont look to have been caught in nets and dumped normaly, the fact that there are rays washed up is probably co-incedence, long line fisho’s often cut off stinger rays and leave them on the beach, and its also not that unusual to see the odd dead seal on the beach, they often come ashore if they are sick. The fact that it happened over a long weekend while there were a lot of townies around probably blew the whole thing out of proportion.
    Jason Milich

    • te2ataria said

      @ Jason
      “im not certain of the reason but they dont look to have been caught in nets…”

      People have been dumping toxic chemicals at sea near Glinks Gully, that’s the reason!

  2. Jason said

    I spoke to my father about it today, as I said earlyer he has been a comercial fisherman for 40+ years fishing from Glinks Gully, he said it has been happening for as long as he can remember (he is 67yo), and a few times in the past when it has happened, they wash ashore alive and he’s tried putting hand fulls of them back in the water but they just beach again. He aslo said once when they beached at Glinks Gully the next day He went to Kawerua (off the coast from the Waipoua forest) and they were there also.

    I would like to talk about this more with you KD and find out why you think there is toxic chemical dumping happening at sea.

    Jason Milich

  3. Jason said

    I was not aware of that. Should be able to test the fish for toxins if that’s the reason

    • te2ataria said

      Good Luck mate! Who’s gonna do the tests, the government agencies?
      We live in a country where stats of the dead and injured tourists are state secrets!

  4. Milutiche said

    That PDF dosn’t show any dumping in the NZ area

    • te2ataria said

      Enlarge the map and read the inset:
      “The Army also has identified chemical weapons dumpsites off five other countries after World War II but considers that information classified. Countries known to have unaccounted-for U.S. stockpiles at the close the war include New Zealand, China, the former Soviet Union and Panama.

      Also feel free to search the web for additional materials on dumpsites in and around New Zealand.

  5. Milutiche said

    I dont trust the internet like you dont trust the government by the sounds of things.

    Theres a lot of good marine biologists out there, I had a mate that worked for NIWA, not in the lab but she would know someone who could do some testing, you know, to get rid of some of the speculation. . . . .

    • te2ataria said

      @ Milutiche

      If the test passes the commonsense criteria, as well as a number of others things…

      It would be interesting to find out how they weasel-word out of this one!

  6. Milutiche said

    I dont have any fish to test currently, but next time it happens Ill make sure my Dad gets a bucket full.

    It could have happened naturally.

    • te2ataria said


      A million or so fish, as well as seals, dolphins, etc dying at the same time, in the same area of natural causes?

      Who’re you working for, etam?

  7. milutiche said

    I have no idea who etam is.

  8. milutiche said

    [Good Riddance, etam! Moderator]

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