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New Zealand Buttline News

Posted by te2ataria on June 28, 2010

Unidentified man’s post-mortem delayed

Another Tourist?

“The circumstances surrounding the death of an unidentified man found dead in central Hamilton on Sunday morning remain a mystery after today’s post-mortem was delayed.

“The man, believed to be a Pakeha in his late 50s or early 60s, was found unresponsive, lying on his back with head injuries by a street sweeper near some public toilets in London St in the central city about 6am.”


Busted for Drugs? Use Your Dad’s CIA ‘Get Out of Jail’ Card

Goff’s daughter caught with drugs in her bra

“She was found with dark-coloured tablets stamped with the letters ‘CK’, and told police she intended to consume them.”


Woman’s ‘violent death’ in fire was homicide, say police


Two stabbings and a suspicious death in Hamilton

“The most recent stabbing happened yesterday at 7.45pm when a girl was stabbed in the stomach in an apparently random attack.

“The girl was walking home along Cameron Rd, Hillcrest, near the intersection with Hogan St when the attack happened.”


Doctor had sex with teen rape victim

“A Canterbury doctor has been found guilty of disgraceful conduct after having sex with a teenage rape victim.”


Man cleared of sex assault on girl aged 10 [?]

Another unbelievable New Zealand jury!


Canterbury [New Zealand] top in alcohol-related deaths


New Zealander ‘Internet Thug’ Deported from China

“A New Zealander has been deported from China, police at the Beijing’s Municipal Public Security Bureau say.

NZ male, 44, was deported at the beginning of May, police told the Global Times online news website.”





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9 Responses to “New Zealand Buttline News”

  1. Jamie Shorter said

    Submitted on 2013/05/24 at 4:17 pm | In reply to te2ataria.

    Hi DH. Thanks for your prompt reply. It was quite a while ago so the original retraction has slipped off the system but there are still traces of it online and I attach screenshots of three internet posts. You can still see it recorded here:


    Top of bottom section:

    “Benjamin Shorter, James Shorter

    Pages related to

    Jamie Shorter

    On 28 June 2010, NZPA published an article stating that Jamie Shorter was deported from China for internet stalking. Apology to Jamie Shorter [ Apology to Jamie Shorter – Story – National – 3 News – http://www.3news.co.nz ]” You can also see it here retracted at the China source: http://beforeitsnews.com/china/2012/01/retraction-1656572.html Thanks for your attention to this matter. Jamie Shorter.

    • te2ataria said

      @ Jamie Shorter
      The information you’ve provided was insufficient to convince us that a retraction was made, especially in the light of the comment you have previously made, which is posted at http://www.shanghaipit.com/showthread.php?p=7805
      However, we’ve given you the benefit of a doubt and removed your name.
      In order to preserve the integrity of the news article, given the yahoo link has expired, we’ve attached a new link to the story.

  2. Dear Moderator,

    Well, first of all I have to say thank you for digging up those two extra links.

    It is hard to find them all, but now I can have them deleted also.

    The guy from Shanghai Pit is a stalker, being sought by the Czech police. His name is Zdenek Kubik. Libel is a crime in the Czech Republic.

    Please access my Twitter account and see the recent decision from the Czech police. You can run it through Google translate, if you don’t believe me. He has opened a fake account in my name, as stalkers and impersonators do.

    You may also want to note the threatening telephone messages sent to my phone after Andrew Tait hacked into my e-mail accounts, a month before he wrote his lying article:


    I will now go to WordPress and if your link cannot be deleted, I will simply lodge a defamation action in New Zealand.

    I am a lawyer, so it is really no hassle for me.

    Your actions have compounded the damages that will be awarded.

    Probably would have been a minimum of $20,000, but with the added link of Zdenek, I would say more likely $50,000.

    I wish I had that kind of money to throw away.

    Do you have a NZ solicitor who will accept service of the papers?

    Just easier that way, rather than tracking you down.

    By all means come to court and prove I was deported from China at the beginning of May for internet stalking, and that I am a paedophile and child molester. You have published this now, so you will need to prove it in court, to escape liability.

    See you in court.

    It will be interesting to meet you and see what kind of person you actually are.

    But of course, I already have a fair idea.

    Jamie Shorter.

  3. Oh, just as an afterthought, I will also be forwarding the decision of the Czech police to the New Zealand police and informing them of your stalking/harassment/libellous website.

    After all, I could possibly be beaten to death in New Zealand, due you now naming me as a convicted paedophile and child molester, along with my photograph, CV and date of birth.

    Jamie Shorter.

  4. Jamie Shorter said

    I have now sent a full complaint to the New Zealand police.

    It’s all very well hiding anonymously behind an illegal internet forum, but we will see how well you do before a judge and the police.

    Actions speak louder than words.

    The defamation papers will be served on you once the NZ police identify you.

    Jamie Shorter.

  5. Jamie Shorter said

  6. Cameron said

    My search on google for “jamie shorter” “robert black” returned the following:

    Bay of Plenty Times: 2010-06-28 – China deports Kiwi … – PressReader


    China deports Kiwi over net ‘stalking’

    Bay of Plenty Times 28 Jun 2010

    A man with links to Northland has been deported from China after he allegedly conducted a ‘‘human flesh search’’ stalking people on the internet.

    Jamie Shorter, 44, was deported from Beijing and is thought to be heading to Northland, where he has ties with Waipu.

    Chinese police would not reveal details in the case against Mr Shorter, who was educated at Rodney College in Wellsford.

    Beijing-based newspaper Global Times featured the story after a reporter tracked Mr Shorter’s moves on an internet forum.

    Writing online after his deportation, Mr Shorter said he believed he had been expelled because of ‘‘connections between people I had caused trouble to on the internet and someone in the Public Security Bureau’’.

    The internet forum where Mr Shorter had allegedly written threats was a popular website, The Beijinger, one used by many expats to make friends in Beijing over the internet.

    Users of the forum said the Kiwi used the internet to find information about them, then posted their pictures, names and places of work, among other data.

    Forum users claimed Mr Shorter had conducted a ‘‘human flesh search’’ stalking members by using the internet to find information about them. ‘‘He was posting my photo, and the photos of other users, together with their names and places of work, every night. He threatened violence against both me and my wife, by name,’’ claimed one forum user who asked to remain anonymous.

    On his curriculum vitae, posted on the internet, Mr Shorter lists his home address in Waipu.

    It also details how Mr Shorter attended Rodney College before going to Otago University and studying law. He was admitted to the bar in New Zealand in 1988 before being admitted as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland in 2000.

    A friend of Shorter, who gave her name as Wang, said Mr Shorter had written and published a book under the name Robert Black. In the book, which drew heavy criticism in the forum and other websites, Mr Shorter writes about an English teacher in Harbin, and his experiences, including references to drug abuse and the main character raping a drunk Chinese girl.

    He [Jamie Shorter] was posting my photo, and the photos of other users, together with their names and places of work, every night.”

    Cameron, PhD candidate

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