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APA Says Dozen Billionaires Will Perish Soon

Posted by te2ataria on July 1, 2010


Curtain Call for at Least a Dozen Billionaires

APA says at least a dozen of the world’s billionaires/famed individuals will be killed in the next 18 months in various incidents

Eight of the dead will be from the U.S., 5 from California.

The others include at least 2 in Europe, 1 in Japan/Taiwan/China and 1 from NZ/Australia.


APA, the Maori seer, has seen into the possible futures and will reveal his visions on demise of

1. A wealthy American couple who live in New Zealand
2. A prominent British couple who are also residing in NZ
3. Seven other well-known individuals living here or related to this country

On Saturday, 19 June 2010,ken Talbot and  10 others, some of  them with strong ties to New Zealand [natural resources] were killed:  No survivors in Congo plane crash

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Rot in Hell You Fat B*stard

Posted by te2ataria on July 1, 2010

Howard Broad, aka the Fat B*stard, Forced to Quit

He says he wasn’t forced out of his $500,000 a year super-cushy job!

Howard Broad: ‘I was not pushed, [just butt-kicked]’

“I was not pushed  I made my decision months ago,” he said at a press conference at Police HQ in Wellington this morning.

“There are people around here who will tell you that.”

We say you are lying through your rotten teeth, and there are 10 times as many people who will tell you that!

Kommandant Howard Broad (aka the Fat B*stard), The Constipated Police Commissioner of New Zealand.
Mental and clinical constipation is endemic among the freeloading, lazy b*stards. Source: Getty Images. Image may be subject to copyright.

NOW, the time has come for his girlfriend, Judith Collins, and the Pimp Minister, John Key, to quit!

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