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Immigrants Aren’t Just Stabbed to Death in NZ

Posted by te2ataria on July 6, 2010

They’re shafted, too!

Immigrant home owners see the value of their property fall by about $150,000

Millions of dollars are being wiped off Christchurch property values as buyers spooked by the leaky homes crisis spurn houses. Owners of dry homes with monolithic cladding say they are unfairly being tarred with the leaky homes brush.

Fall in migration brings fears for housing, retail

Net migration almost stopped last month, prompting warnings that a leading driver of economic strength could be waning.

“After providing support to retail sales and the housing market over the past 18 months, migration stimulus is waning, and could turn from a tailwind to a headwind as the year progresses,” Mr Goh said. Yesterday’s figures also showed that the number of short-term visitors to New Zealand in May was almost unchanged, falling 600 to 141,300.

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2 Responses to “Immigrants Aren’t Just Stabbed to Death in NZ”

  1. Full A. Holes said

    The word has been out for some time now that New Zealand is actually Transylvania. If you had any blood before moving here, you won’t have any by the time they are through with you.

    This may be the coup de not-so-grace.
    Their whole house of cards is built on hyperinflated property values and foreign money.
    The collapse will be deafening.
    Wish I had a loftier perch to watch it all from. As things go, I’ll be coughing in the rubble with the rest of them!

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