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Posted by te2ataria on July 11, 2010

Sent by a reader

We may never know how Moko was killed

A post-mortem examination continues today to determine the cause of death of Moko the fun-loving dolphin, but an international expert on the species says it may never be known what killed him.

Wade Doak said Moko’s body appears to be too decomposed to definitively say what killed him, but if he had been struck by a boat propeller it would be obvious. Read more …

Driver jailed only 2 years for killing German cyclist

Troy Roberts was sentenced in Tauranga District Court on Friday after pleaded guilty to reckless driving causing the death of Stephan Stoermer, falsifying his log book and several breaches of regulations, relating to exceeding his restricted driving hours, The Bay of Plenty Times reported.

Mr Stoermer, 38, of Frankfurt, was on the final leg of a 26-country cycling holiday when he was hit and killed by Roberts’ truck and trailer on State Highway 2 near Te Puke, 21km southeast of Mt Maunganui, on March 12 last year.  Read more …

Woman’s body found in Manurewa

A rare case where police decided the murder was “suspicious.”

A homicide investigation has been launched following the death of a 29-year-old woman after reports of an altercation at a Manurewa address overnight. Read more…

NZ Police Murder Another ‘Speeding Driver’

Police Murder Another Driver, Say He Was Speeding

Only in a military dictatorship can the police murder so many citizens with impunity. NO other police state in the world has a chase-to-kill police policy like New Zealand.

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