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Farmer Fined For Threatening To Buttkick Key

Posted by te2ataria on July 22, 2010

Sent by a reader

NZ Justice System Stinks

North Canterbury farmer Mark Feary fined $20,000 for threatening to buttkick the corrupt PM, other govt officials

The corrupt judge Raoul Neave refused to send him to jail because Feary said he would go on a hunger strike.

Feary was slapped with a $500 fines for each of his threats  to cause “grievous bodily harm,” and $7,000 fines for the threats to kill, a total of $20,000, New Zealand’s official news agency NZPA said.

Ironically, he doesn’t appear to have threatened to kill the corrupt PM at all. What he wrote in a fax to the bum was: “It’s killing time.”

There are a number of interesting issues in this case:

1. Feary, of course, would be stupid to pay the fine. And what if a few dozen other people threatened to butkick the greedy bums?

2. What if everyone refused to go to the corrupt government’s prisons?


And the corollary?

If you want to buttkick and rough up the corrupt Prime Minister, dishonest politicians, evil judges, serial killer police thugs, just FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCTS FOR JUSTICE!

Don’t threaten anyone, or leave any paper trail behind.

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3 Responses to “Farmer Fined For Threatening To Buttkick Key”

  1. Peter said

    [Did it hurt you that much? GOOD! Moderator]

  2. shrimp210 said

    There are more who’d like to kick ass key wouldn’t be the only one either.

    • te2ataria said


      In a true democracy, and I know that’s just a dictionary word in this country, citizens right to buttkick corrupt politicians, judges and police is an inalienable right!

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