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Either God Or Oral Torah Must Be Fake!

Posted by te2ataria on July 26, 2010

Sent by a reader

No Barbaric Religions!

No Bestiality, No Slaughter!

No Bestiality, No Slaughter! No Barbaric Religions! Would Have Been the Ideal Headline!

But if the following would see John Key and his tribe leaving this country, I’m all for it!

No Shechita Slaughter!

“Shechita” slaughter, probably the cruelest way of killing an animal,  is performed by slitting the throat, thus severing the carotid, oesophagus, trachea arteries and jugular veins with a blade and letting the blood to drain out, as the ‘headless’ animal twirls in a frenzied death dance.

Associating the omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, ever-loving source with such satanic rituals is the ultimate act of blasphemy and sacrilege.

New code no to Shechita slaughter

New Zealand’s Jewish community has launched legal action after the Government banned the kosher slaughter of animals.

Two months ago, Agriculture Minister David Carter launched a new code of conduct for animal slaughter that aims to make the practice more humane.

However, Jewish community spokesman David Zwartz says the new code means the “Shechita” way of killing, which involves slitting an animal’s throat, has been banned. Mr Zwartz says he has tried to negotiate with the minister but could not reach a compromise, so lawyers are now preparing a case.

“The legal case is being prepared and it’s going to be reviewed by a QC to make sure that our case is the best possible case that we can present. But we don’t know exactly when that will be.”

A spokeswoman for Mr Carter says the minister is aware of the concerns.  (Newstalk ZB)

3 Responses to “Either God Or Oral Torah Must Be Fake!”

  1. Pigg Talez said

    do they do this after or before they circumcise the poor creatures?

  2. Jack said

    I wont post on here as I am not ‘raciest’ or ‘anti sysmetic’…..

  3. Ian Calvert said

    The oral Torah is the interpretation and teaching of, of the written Torah. The written Torah is a transcription of that meeting of Moses in the presents of G-D in the mount sinai. The practice of slaughter indicated is practiced by many cultures in this world. It is a sacred thing in which the animal gives its life to redeem either in sustenance or religious honour/worship.

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