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Jailed for 28 Days for Calling an ‘Arsehole’ an ‘Arsehole’

Posted by te2ataria on July 27, 2010

sent by an unamused Maori (edited by moderator)


Te Ringa Mangu Nathan (Dun) Mihaka, a Maori protester, has been imprisoned for calling a judge an arsehole

The sentence was imposed by Judge John “arsehole” McDonald in Kaikohe District Court in February and was subsequently upheld by Justice Rodney “arsehole” Hansen in the High Court at Wangarei.

These two judges must be taught a lesson that Maori will no longer tolerate colonial sentences!

Justice “arsehole” Hansen said laughingly that the 28 days for calling the “arsehole” judge by his title was “severe” but not excessive.

“What occurred was a flagrant and provocative challenge to the authority of the court,” Hansen said.

More of this developing story …

Sit-in Campaign Against Colonial Rule

A peaceful but noisy sit-in campaign inside the courtrooms where these “arseholes” dish out their colonial punishments may send a strong message that Maori will no longer tolerate colonial rule.

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