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Fonterra launches another milk war on China

Posted by te2ataria on August 11, 2010

sent by a reader

First the Opium Wars, Now the Tainted-Milk Wars!

Fonterra Wages a New Tainted-Milk War on  the “Yellow” Babies

While New Zealand military is busy murdering “brown” kids in Afghanistan and elsewhere, its top corporation wages a new tainted-milk war against the “yellow” babies in China.

Fonterra Hormone-Tainted Milk Powder Feeds Breast !!

Fonterra Continues to Conspire Against Chinese Infants

A Chinese infant formula company,  Synutra International Inc, says its milk powder, which  has caused infant girls to grow breasts, was imported from New Zealand.

Fonterra, the Dairy Goliath, has confirmed that it  supplied the milk powder in question to Synutra International.

The milk powder is tainted with the oestrogen hormones, which are forbidden in milk powder products.

A reader on Yahoo site said:

The dairy industry with its intensive immoral ways will suffer. Let us free NZ of its scandalous money grabbing, cow destroying, enviromental disatorious ways. And who is encouraging this behaviour? Our very own John Key!

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7 Responses to “Fonterra launches another milk war on China”

  1. stepping on roundup said

    Boobs on Bikes is a bad enough spectacle, so are we to have Boobs in Bibs? So much for “Export Quality”…8-\

  2. te2ataria said

    @ stepping on roundup

    It beggars belief how callous these ruthless, racist bastards are!

  3. JLT said

    [Your comment was unclear. Moderator]

  4. JLT said

    Sorry, but since the news has changed again since then and now they have confiscated 103 tons of the melamine tainted milk powder.

    Some, and they are not saying in any news I can read is from the Fonterra stuff that caused the scandal several years ago.
    Just giving you the heads up Fonterra and its melamine is the gift that is still giving in China.

    The latest is at



    This is happening right now – Just giving you the heads up that their melamine is back in the news.

    • te2ataria said

      @ JLT
      Fonterra is on record as having advised director of the jointly owned Sanlu on how much melamine they can add to the milk powder without getting caught.

  5. JLT said

    Not wanting to flood this but finally found a source that gave the amount of the left over Fonterra stuff – 48 tons of the 103 seized was hid by the dairy and discovered released into circulation by the Chinese police –

    “Dai Wenming, chairman of Luyuan Dairy Company of Zhangbei County in Hebei Province, was suspected of hiding 48 tonnes of milk powder tainted with melamine, a toxic chemical, and sold it to the Dongyuan Dairy Factory with the help of Sun Xuefeng and Zhou Zhonglin, who were also arrested.”

    Anyway they are saying it was stuff hidden since 2008 and was detected when they sent it out to a lab to see how much they had to ‘water’ it down to get it into circulation if the reports ar correct.

    But as I noted this is ‘hot off the press’ right now.


  6. JLT said

    I am aware that Fonterra fessed up to advising their Chinese subsidiary how much melamine they could put in milk , that was old news here in the US.

    But what also might be of interest to you is how the wealthier pakeha dairy people have been trying to sneak their operations offshore into our hemisphere, most notably to Uruguay. Some of them even boast they hope to turn Uruguay into a Province of New Zealand online.

    “I think what you find is that many New Zealanders are looking to buy diary farms in Uruguay because the climate is similar so it is easy for them and the land prices are cheap here.

    Since it will no longer be the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, but rather than Uruguayan province of New Zealand!”


    A whole bunch of them have apparently packed their carpetbags and have headed off there.

    Even the Tory Trade Minister Tim Groser owns 40,000 shares.

    NZ Trade Minister shares in Uruguay dairy farming could cost him the job – http://en.mercopress.com/2010/07/30/nz-trade-minister-shares-in-uruguay-dairy-farming-could-cost-him-the-job

    It looks like the bigger rats are fleeing the sinking ship with their ill-gotten gains and will soon be plaguing the hapless citizens of Uruguay with their thievery and casual obervances of good food practices.

    And Uruguay, in response to their invasion, is considering limiting the pakeha expats from purchasing land in the country. Also their New Zealand dairy model does not do as well as it should and even now needs more capital as it was not competitive and is also facing a hostile takeover from a Singapore group. which is also in the news.

    “New Zealand Farming Systems Uruguay has been badly managed and has made fundamental strategic mistakes, says the Singaporean giant bidding to take over the company.

    Olam International, owner of an 18.5 per cent stake in NZ Farming Systems, has offered to buy the rest of the company for $109.5 million, a deal analysts have assessed as well below its asset value.

    But Vivek Verma, managing director of Olam’s coffee and dairy divisions, says the takeover’s main goal is to buy just enough shares to achieve control – 50.1 per cent – and to correct management failures.”


    Though this needs to be followed and watched and should have its own section, I would have emailed it to you if there was a ‘contact us’ somewhere I could find.

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