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Japanese Student Raped, Filmed by Other Students

Posted by te2ataria on December 7, 2010

Exchange student believed to be Japanese was raped in New Zealand, while other students filmed her

A 16-year-old exchange student believed to be a Japanese national was raped at a Coromandel high school, NZ, while her fellow classmate filmed her.

The victim has since left New Zealand, police farce says.

“Police first became aware of the incident following media coverage over the weekend.” NZPA said.

“A number of enquiries are being followed up locally with partner agencies as we work to establish just what has happened,” Detective Sergeant Martyn Hughes said.

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2 Responses to “Japanese Student Raped, Filmed by Other Students”

  1. te2ataria said

    The following is a [known] list of Japanese nationals who were killed in the Christchurch earthquake:

    Asuka TSUCHIHASHI, 28
    Ayako Yamaguchi, 30
    Emi MURAKAMI, aged 19
    Haruki HYAKUMAN, 27
    Hifumi HOSHIBA, 41

    Hiroko Tamano, 43
    Kayo KANAMARU, aged 19
    Kyoko KAWAHATA, 20
    Marina ARAI, aged 19
    Megumi HORITA, aged 19

    Miki HAYASAKA, 37
    Mina YAMATANI, aged 19
    Noriko Otsubo, 41
    Saki YOKOTA, aged 19
    Saori KIKUDA, aged 19

    Saya SAKUDA, aged 19
    Tomoki ISHIKURO, aged 19 (male)
    Toshiko IMAOKA, 34
    Yasuhiro KITAGAWA, 39 (male)
    Yoko Sakurai, 27

    Yoko SUZUKI, 31
    Yoshiko HIRAUCHI,61
    Yuki Hamasaki, 23
    Yuki HASUMOTO, 22
    Yuko HIRABAYASHI, 28

    Yumiko HATA,29
    Yurika UCHIHIRA, aged 19
    Rika HYUGA, 30

  2. pathetic said


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