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Justice French Eat Sh*t!

Posted by te2ataria on December 16, 2010

Peter Lamont Sentenced to Life Imprisonment, to Serve 14½ Years

Lamont committed a horrible crime, but did so in a moment of insanity: Moderators

Peter Lamont
Peter Lamont, the 48-year-old Scots immigrant, driven to insanity by a massive culture shock, butchered his wife Lindsay on July 5 2009,. Photo: Greymouth Star. Image may be subject to copyright.

Even a blind judge could have seen that, but instead justice French opened her large ugly mouth and blurted out her guts:

“For all you knew, she may well have been saved if you had called an ambulance instead of going back to the knife draw,” The evil bitch told him.

“It must have been a horrifying sight to see Lindsay’s body lying on the floor of a blood-spattered kitchen.”

In a letter read to the court, Lamont said he had, “in a moment of madness, weakness and selfishness taken away everything that was good”.

His mental functions were clearly impaired, and the court should have acquitted him of murder on grounds of insanity and diminished capacity.

The Lamonts had moved from Scotland to Blackball, New Zealand, one of the most depressing poxy towns in the world. Places like Blackball are not conducive to mental and physical health. Unless you are born there and with nowhere to go, you have no business being there. The New Zealand death clocks tick twice as fast in Blackball-like places than they do in the rest of the country.

In an interview with Cuisine magazine in 2007, peter describing his first impression of Blackball said:  “I expected an airport, not a hangar!”

As the family drove into Blackball that first time, past a couple of dodgy houses and up the broad main street past the hotel with its wide verandas, “the banjo music started ringing in my ears”.

He added:

Though Peter Lamont insisted to the magazine that his family loved the town, they seem to have found the change of lifestyle difficult, to say the least. After only four months – and to the annoyance of his boss – Lamont had left Blackball Salami to work as a butcher at the Fresh Choice supermarket in nearby Greymouth.

Lamont Case History

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