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New Zealand Buttline News

Posted by te2ataria on December 28, 2010

More Slaughter on NZ Roads, More Earthquakes,”Mass Exodus,” Unrelenting Mayhem, Wild Weather and Deaths

Deaths and Mayhem on New Zealand Roads

[At least] fifty four people have been killed on Central District roads so far this year – more than any other police district in New Zealand.

The next highest road toll is in Bay of Plenty, where 49 people had died before December 15, followed by Waikato with 48 and Canterbury with 46. Despite a record low of 40 deaths in 2008, last year was the highest in recent history with 59 people dying on Central District roads, which include Palmerston North, Whanganui and New Plymouth.”


[NOTE: The above figures are boiled down to at least one-third of the actual death toll on New Zealand Roads.]

‘Horror’ Highway Collision, At Least 12 hospitalised

Three people are in very critical condition and at least five others are said to be in critical condition in Hawke’s Bay Hospital after a “horror” smash between a bread truck and several  cars on State Highway 2.  At least 12 people were rushed to hospital.

Tourists from Italy, Germany and Uruguay are among the critically injured victims.


Latest quake more violent than first [But Magnitude Misreported as 4.9 quake]

Violent ground-shaking in central Christchurch during the Boxing Day earthquake exceeded that of the September 4 quake.


‘Mass exodus’ from Christchurch

Hundreds of Christchurch families who are  too frightened to remain in the city after the latest earthquakes are seeking refuge in Timaru.


Wild Weather New Zealand

Gale force winds are wreaking havoc around the lower North Island, bringing down power lines, trees and causing structural damage.


Rain and wind has closed roads, cut power and forced campers to abandon their tents across the top of the South Island this morning.

A number of roads in the Marlborough, Nelson and West Coast regions have been closed because of surface flooding and slips.


Holidaymakers face 8-hour traffic jams north and south of Auckland


Body found in a smouldering fire

The body, which was discovered south of Hamilton, “had been extensively burnt,” however the exact cause of death is not determined.


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