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Another Psyop by NZSIS?

Posted by te2ataria on January 31, 2011

Fairfax New Zealand: More Porky Pies

More of NZ Leading Media’s Disgraceful Lies Exposed

In an article titled: NZ ‘a tourist death trap’ says hate website, a Fairfax Media journalist has written  blatant lies about this blog.

The image caption published with the dishonest report reads:  “NEW ZEALAND: The country’s reputation as a natural safe haven has taken a hit. ”

Lie No 1: “a natural safe haven”

A baby fur seal was attacked by two males in Henderson Creek last week had to be put down. Two men were seen repeatedly bashing the young pup on the head. The seal received extensive bruising to one side of his head, and had bleed from the eyes, nose and muzzle. In another seal attack 25 seals were bashed to death at Ohau Point near Kaikoura in early December.

Even the Irish Visitors Are “Fair Game”

Robbie O’Brien
Robbie O’Brien, 31, one of thousands of tourists who are attacked/mugged/harmed in New Zealand each year. He suffered cuts to his face and needed hospital treatment.

Lie No 2

The intellectually dishonest report calls this blog: “A hate-filled website”.

This blog, dedicated to the victims of New Zealand tourism, aims to warn tourists about the dangers of visiting New Zealand.

New Zealand is probably one of the most toxic tourist destinations in the world. The unsuspecting foreign visitors risk a litany of health hazards including exposure to excessive UV radiation, unknown volumes of lethal chemical agents that have extensively contaminated the environment and toxic algae poisoning.

Being human, the Moderators also express their opinions about other issues FREELY!

Lie No. 3

Old-fashioned McCarthyism

“A hate-filled website has appeared”

This is typical McCarthyism at its worst. This blog was registered 35 moths ago, on February 28, 2008 and has since posted regular information about tourism and other dangerous issues in New Zealand.

Lie No. 4

Misrepresentation by Omission

The website also claims two foreigners are killed in New Zealand every three days, and goes on to describe the country as a “tourist death trap”. In comparison with those claims, Statistics New Zealand data showed that almost 30,000 people died in New Zealand in 2008, or 246 every three days.

This blog’s claim about the number of foreigners killed in New Zealand are backed with references. The great majority of Internet links posted on the blog  point to reports published by New Zealand media, including Stuff New Zealand owned by Fairfax Media (and operated by you know whom!)

Lie No 5

The report says: “The results of a recent visitor survey on perceived levels of security came back with a response of 8.8 out of 10.”

But it fails to provide any details about the survey (who carried it out; when was it taken; what were the questions asked; how many people surveyed; why was it necessary to have such trumped-up survey, and so on).

Lie No 6

“Internal Affairs said it had no power to act on the contents of the website because it was not covered under the Films, Videos and Publications Classification Amendment Act 2005, which centred on sexually explicit content, including child porn.”

“All inquiries were referred to police HQ, with a spokeswoman there saying: ‘This site and its contents are not worthy of any response.'”

Both the NZSIS and Internal Affairs/Police Farce have previously hacked this blog on at least 3 separate occasions. The Moderators regularly receive death threats both express and implied.

Furthermore, a large proportion of the information posted here are filtered and blocked by various sources, including Google search engines.

Worst of all, the NZ government seems to have coerced and cajoled WORDPRESS, the blog host, to minimize the blog’s exposure on Internet by disallowing all the related tags and categories that identify the content, among other tricks. [This information was true as of posting.]

Lie No 7

“Moderators from the website did not respond to inquiries.”

The journalist who concocted the report posted the following message on the blog:

Hi there, It is Neil Reid here from Fairfax Media. I am trying to get in touch with your moderator. Could you please email me with a contact email or phone number. Thanks heaps. Neil

To which one of the Moderators replied 9 days ago:

Hi Neil
To protect themselves against the state’s secret and paramilitary police forces, and the army and private assassins, blog moderators have devised a system of intermediaries for essential non-blog communication.

Your query would be dealt with in confidence, if you post your questions here in the comments section. It won’t be made public. One of the Moderators will then contact you directly via an email forwarder, if necessary.

More information about the Blog Moderators and Contributors

  • TEAA Moderator (100 percent Maori)
  • D.H. Moderator  (“white”)
  • 2 other Maori contributors
  • 4  regular contributors in Australia, U.S. and Europe (all of whom are also “white”)

What has all of these lies got to do with NZSIS, their latest Psyop and why NOW?

Think carefully! If we were the “bad guys”, then our “enemies,” namely the PM and his gang, must be the “good guys”. And if the good guys plan to rob the country out of its assets then they must be doing the “right thing”.  All that stands between you and your mind viewing as “benefactorial” the acts of daylight robbery committed by John Key and his gang is a simple and highly vulnerable emotional switch, one which is very easy to flip!

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How to Asset-Strip a Country in One PM Term

Posted by te2ataria on January 26, 2011

John Key reveals plan for asset-stripping New Zealand

The ‘Smiling Assassin’ will drive the getaway car!

Never before have so few caused so much harm to an entire country in such short space of time!

John Key says he is eying sales of country’s key state assets, especially the three large energy generators and coal company Solid Energy, to  lower borrowing.

“Prime Minister John Key, in his first major speech of the year, said Treasury would be asked to advise on the merits of selling up to 49 per cent of Mighty River Power, Meridian Energy, Genesis and Solid Energy.” Said a report.

What about Air New Zealand

He will also look at selling some of the government’s existing shares in Air NZ, but will try maintaining a majority stake in the company.

The value of the state’s prime assets?

Above and beyond any banker’s wildest dreams! The three large state-owned generators, Mighty River Power, Meridian Energy and Genesis have a combined value of $11.75 billion, and earn more than $700 million a year.

Now you see them, now you don’t!

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34 Tourist Attacks in Nelson

Posted by te2ataria on January 26, 2011

Nelson Tourists Attacks Reach Epidemic Proportions

At least 34 tourists have been viciously attacked in Nelson since New Year

Another street attack on a Swiss-Italian tourist in Nelson left the victim with multiple injuries including two black eyes.

The victim, who was severely punched on the head, and wants to be known by his first name Claudio,  told the Nelson Mail today was his 26th birthday and that the bruises were “a great gift from New Zealand”.

Two muggers said to be Europeans, pinned down the victim and robbed him of about $180 in cash.

“Police admit the number of serious assaults in the area is extremely concerning. Public violence and disorder incidents in the city have increased 61 per cent since July.” NZPA said.

Nelson Mayor, Mr Miccio, has “described the beating and robbery of a Swiss-Italian tourist in Grove St in the Wood early on Sunday as “terrible”, given the city’s role in this year’s Rugby World Cup, which includes hosting the Italian rugby team.”

This attack is the latest in a series of violent and unprovoked “tourist beatings” that have been regularly occurring in Nelson [and elsewhere in the country.]

Claudio was lucky to escape the attack with his life.

Irish Visitors ARE Fair Game, Too!

Robbie O’Brien
Robbie O’Brien, 31, was attacked by a group of muggers in Westport, New Zealand in a separate incident. He suffered cuts to his face and needed hospital treatment.

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Another American Killed in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on January 24, 2011

American Tourist Killed on State Highway 25 near Whitianga

Three people have been killed in 3 separate road crashes today— two in Waikato and the third in Western Bay of Plenty [of Deaths].

Two of the fatal crashes happened this morning within a short time of each other while the third was at 12.26pm, on State Highway 25 near Whitianga, where an American tourist [was killed] when his southbound car and a northbound car collided, district road policing manager Inspector Leo Tooman said. [NZPA]

Earlier today, a woman was killed in a crash near Raglan, also in the Waikato, the report said.

Police has again withheld the identity of the victim.

The woman died at the scene, while both the passenger and driver of the Mitsubishi were taken to Waikato Hospital with serious injuries.

In another crash  in the North Island this morning, a 45-year-old Rotorua man was killed “after his truck rolled at Horohoro, 15km south-east of Rotorua, shortly before 8am.”

Four people died on the nation’s roads over the weekend, including 22-year-old cyclist Benjamin Patrick Thomas Lawless, of Wellington.

The unnamed American tourist was [at least] the 2,014th foreigner killed in New Zealand since January 2000.

UPDATE: The following was added on January 25, 2011

A woman who was killed in a two-vehicle crash on State Highway 23 in Waikato yesterday has been identified as  Julia Bernadette Borgoo.

The victim had a four-month-old child and is believed to be a Belgian national.

Ms Borgoo was [at least] the 2,015th foreigner killed in New Zealand since January 2000.

UPDATE: The following was added on January 26, 2011

Police has named the American tourist who was killed in the car crash as Mark Savage, 58, from Washington State. His American partner has undergone  surgery in Thames Hospital, Constipated  Jonathan Clark told NZPA. “The driver of the second car was airlifted to Auckland Hospital. His condition was not known ”

On average, 2 foreigners are killed in New Zealand every 3 days.

At least 2,015 foreign students, tourists and new immigrants have been Killed in NZ between  January 2000 and 24  January 2011 [About 10,000 others seriously injured.]

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NZ Tourist Deathtraps Claim another Aussie

Posted by te2ataria on January 24, 2011

Another ‘Bloody Stupid’ Aussie ‘Fell to His Death’

James Poland, 48, is the latest ‘unlucky’ Aussie to be killed in New Zealand

New Zealand police farce has previously described Australian tourists who are killed in NZ Tourist Deathtraps as “bloody stupid.”

Mr Poland, 48, from West Launceston, Tasmania, reportedly fell 100 metres to his death near Lake Adelaide while on a three day tramp in the area.

Mr Poland was killed after a fall at Barrier Knob, about 3km north of Homer Hut, a policeman said.

The victim’s  body was found by a search and body-recovery helicopter crew in the Lake Adelaide area on Sunday, NZPA said.

“Poland had set off from Homer Hut on a lone three-day tramp over Gertrude Saddle on Thursday, planning to emerge at lower Hollyford Rd yesterday.”

He was holidaying in New Zealand with his family. His wife raised the alarm after he failed to return yesterday.

Our thoughts go to his family.

Mr Poland was [at least] the 2,013th foreigner killed in New Zealand since January 2000.

On average, 2 foreigners are killed in New Zealand every 3 days.

At least 2,013 foreign students, tourists and new immigrants have been Killed in NZ between  January 2000 and 23  January 2011 [About 10,000 others seriously injured.]

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Murders, Measles, and Wild Weather in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on January 22, 2011

Wild weather hits North Island, New Zealand

Storm alert for Auckland, 200 mm of rain expected, heavy rain in other areas

“Severe weather forecast for most of the North Island was expected to hit the Waikato later today, worsening throughout the night and tomorrow,” the Civil Defence duty officer Greg Ryan said.

Campers across upper North Island are tonight preparing to cope with torrential rain and strong winds and as emergency workers and councils warn of flooding.

Farmers in the Bay of Plenty are also being warned to move stock to higher ground, NZPA reported.

“Civil defence is particularly concerned about campers, trampers and boaties in Coromandel and Taupo where very heavy rain and high winds are expected,” Ryan said.

“People along the Coromandel coastline are at risk of flooding as an exceptionally high tide coincides with the wild weather.”

Torrential downpour if forecast over a long period, becoming heavy from midnight tonight and continuing through to Monday, a MetService severe weather warning report said.

Burned woman’s death homicide, the police farce finally concedes

It normally takes more than just a young woman being raped, strangled and her corpse set alight with an accelerant for our police farce to start a homicide investigation, but they have made an exception in this case.

The young woman’s body was found burning on the side of a remote country lane in Waikato [Hangapipi or Rotowaro Roads] on Thursday, police has revealed.

“We believe an accelerant was used to start the fire and we are awaiting the results of forensic samples taken from the scene to determine what that was.” Defective Senior Sergeant Nigel Keall of the Waikato CIB said.

“We ask that anyone who noticed anything untoward in the area — be that any discarded items of clothing or other items — not to dismiss the item as rubbish but to make contact with the Huntly Police.

“That item may prove to be a key piece of the puzzle.”

The policeman refused to say whether the victim was a foreigner.

UPDATE: added on 24 January 2011

Police has finally named the female victim as Ranjeeta Sharma, 28, a Fiji national.

Mrs Sharma was [at least] the 2,012th foreigner killed in New Zealand since January 2000.

On average, 2 foreigners are killed in New Zealand every 3 days.

At least 2,012 foreign students, tourists and new immigrants have been Killed in NZ between  January 2000 and 23 January 2011 [About 10,000 others seriously injured.]

Measles on Emirates flight from Brisbane to Auckland

Air passengers on an Emirates flight from Brisbane to Auckland may have been exposed to the measles, the Auckland Regional Public Health Service (ARPHS) said.

“Three cases of the illness have already been reported among passengers of Emirates Flight EK434, which arrived in Auckland at 5.30pm on January 11. It is the second report of measles being brought into the country on an Emirates flight in a month,” according to a report.

“Measles is a serious illness and one in ten people with measles need hospital treatment,” Medical Officer of Health Dr Cathy Pikholz said.

“The three passengers with measles would have been infectious at the time of their travel on this flight.  They were travelling as part of a group who travelled to the Philippines and Singapore. Passengers who were on the flight may now be experiencing symptoms, if they have been infected.”

3 dead, 2 critical after ‘war zone’ crash near Waihi, northwest of Tauranga

“Two teenagers and a 44-year-old father of three died at the scene and two other teenagers are in a critical condition after the crash on State Highway 2 just south of Waihi, 40km northwest of Tauranga, about 11.45pm yesterday.” NZPA said.

“It was like a war zone upon arrival. One of the worst (deadly crashes) I’ve ever seen,” a policeman told NZPA.

Child-sex offender caught in bed with 14-year-old

Shane Frederick Stoneham, 26, a high-risk convicted sex offender, who was supposed to be under 24-hour watch was allegedly found in bed with a missing 14-year-old girl at a Porirua address.

Mass Disorder in Upper Hutt

Plane poo source of spatterings of human faeces that lands on Aucklanders faces?

Drury resident Andrew Burns thinks so! He believes the substance that splashed him, his wife, children, car and home on September 5, was human faeces, which came from a plane toilet, according to a report.

Yet another reason to visit New Zealand and experience the plane poo spatterings for yourself, 100 PERCENT YOU!

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More Murders, Quakes and Conspiracies in NZ

Posted by te2ataria on January 15, 2011

First the Conspiracies …

NZ’s Prime Murderester, Mr Key, says the Pike River Coal mine should be sealed, even though the bodies of the 29 hapless victims have not been recovered.

When the blog moderators wrote the following

They concluded that the next step after the “closure” must be the “cleanup,”  the removal [burial] of any and all evidence that the explosives, which was used to kill the miners, would have left behind.

Then came the subsequent explosions, flooding and fire, but Mr Key was still worried.

A good forensic expert could have still sifted through the rubble and found sufficient incriminating evidence to show that the miners were probably killed as a result of army explosives that were used to blow up the mine.

Mr Key says there are no options on the recovery, and the mine has to be sealed .

The GAG machine “has blown its guts”, He said.

“It’s not working. That has actually failed and the mine rescue teams from Australia and New Zealand have refused to go into the mine”.

NOW, more unanswered questions are popping out:

The EPMU national secretary has said:

  • The mine was understood to now be stable and had been for some days
  • The GAG machine had therefore successfully completed its work
  • The first phase of the recovery operation had been successfully completed and preparations for the second re-entry phrase could now commence. [Quoted from NZPA]

Mr Key, YOU ARE responsible for the murder of 29 Pike River Coal miners and you should face an international court to answer the charges. Your ill-gotten wealth and Zionist heritage must not be allowed to provide automatic protection against the charge of murder.

The Murdered Miners of Pike River. Source of photos: WPNZ. Click here to enlarge the photos.

Five foreigners were among the victims. The two Australians were William Joynson, 49, and Joshua Ufer, 25. The two Britons were Malcolm Campbell, 43, and Peter Rodger, 40. The South African miner was Jacobus Jonker, 47.

Speaking of Murders…

Two more people believe to be Chinese were killed in Auckland.

Two men have been killed at an upmarket residence in Stilwell Road on the northern slopes of Mt Albert, a report said.

Thanks to New Zealand immigration policy, per capita, New Zealand harbours more murderers, rapists, gangsters, hoods, crooks, drug pushers and criminals from China, South Korea and elsewhere in the world, than any other country.

The third probable murder involves Malcolm Widdilove, a British resident, whose yacht was found submerged north of the North Island and police say he probably drowned at sea.

Now, to the Quakes …

As significant earthquakes continue to rattle both our North and South islands,  Fire Earth blog has posted the following earthquake warning for New Zealand:

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Another Wave of Deaths Hits New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on January 9, 2011

More Visitors Are Killed in New Zealand

An Indonesian man was killed during a lifeboat exercise aboard a cruise ship in Lyttelton Harbour Saturday, according to the police farce.

The victim, 29, is said to have fallen into the water after a cable snapped during a lifeboat exercise on the Volendam, a Holland-American line cruise ship.

The cruise ship sailed for Wellington last night as if nothing had happened.

The Indonesian victim was at least the 2,003th foreigner killed in New Zealand since January 2000.

On average, two foreigners are killed in New Zealand every three days.

At least 2,003 foreign students, tourists and new immigrants have been Killed in NZ between  January 2000 and 9 January 2011 [About 10,000 others seriously injured.]

Meanwhile, at least 8 people have been killed on New Zealand roads so far this weekend, more than half of them are believed to be foreign visitors.

Other Reported Deaths

No wonder Tourism NZ (Tourist Deathtrap) say they are targeting you!

Tourism NZ targets “YOU”

Tourism New Zealand is personalising its message with a new campaign, “100 Percent Pure You”.

Chief executive Kevin Bowler said campaign was the next step from the highly successful “100 Percent Pure New Zealand” after research indicated New Zealand could increase its appeal by focusing on more than stunning landscapes.

“We have identified people around the world already considering travelling to New Zealand who have the financial means to make the trip, Mr Bowler said.

“The addition of ‘You’ to the successful “100 Percent Pure New Zealand” advertising message is a logical next step that will benefit New Zealand’s tourism industry by highlighting the many individual experiences on offer.”

The campaign starts in Australia today. (NZPA)

A reader commenting on a message board said:

Come meet some really pure thieves, rapists and murderers. Then perhaps swim with pure poo’s and jellyfish before relaxing under our pure hole in the ozone. In the afternoon you could catch a trout from one of our streams (cow urine and fertiliser catchment chanels) then enjoy sitting in a traffic jam for four hours breathing heavy metal fumes. Pure you after that?

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Marlborough Sounds Claim another Visitor

Posted by te2ataria on January 8, 2011

The 2,002th Tourist Killed in New Zealand Was a Russian Woman

The 58-year-old woman was killed on a diving trip in Port Gore, a bay at the northern end of the sounds, on Thursday.

The victim was an experienced diver and was visiting the area with a Russian dive club touring New Zealand, according to a report.

The group had been on a guided tour of the sunken cruiseliner Mikhail Lermontov with Dive Picton NZ.

A  crewman was killed when the Mikhail Lermontov hit a reef and  sank in 1986.

On average, two foreigners are killed in New Zealand every three days.

At least 2,002 foreign students, tourists and new immigrants have been Killed in NZ between  January 2000 and 8 January 2011 [About 10,000 others seriously injured.]

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New Zealand Butt-Lines 2011

Posted by te2ataria on January 5, 2011

[Hundreds of Thousands] of snapper wash up on beaches

“People with binoculars said the snapper stretched as far as they could see and boaties reported ”a carpet of floating fish further out to sea all along the coast”’.


The 2,000th Foreigner to be killed in New Zealand May have been a Brit, or ‘Turkish’ Teenager Cem Erbay

Mother keeps vigil near body

Cem Erbay was last seen crossing the one-lane bridge on Wharekaho Road, according to reports.

An autopsy has shown the death of a teenager found on the Coromandel this week was not suspicious.  [This can only happen in New Zealand.]

Detective Senior Sergeant Mark Greene of the Waikato CIB said the preliminary findings were that 19-year-old Cem Erbay suffered a number of injuries before he died.

“The pathologist reports that Cem suffered a number of injuries, most likely in a fall and that these, combined with his heart condition, were the major contributors in his death.”

The report was completed in Auckland today after Erbay’s body was found, in thick undergrowth, about 50 metres into a pine plantation, 100 metres from the Matarangi Shopping Centre on Monday. 

Seven [reported] drownings in three days

[Reported Holiday] Road toll “unchanged” despite [Additional] death [This, too, can only happen in New Zealand!]

Police Murder Another “Fleeing” Driver

A teenager was killed in yet another of the police’s chase-to-kill pursuits.


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