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New Zealand Butt-Lines 2011

Posted by te2ataria on January 5, 2011

[Hundreds of Thousands] of snapper wash up on beaches

“People with binoculars said the snapper stretched as far as they could see and boaties reported ”a carpet of floating fish further out to sea all along the coast”’.


The 2,000th Foreigner to be killed in New Zealand May have been a Brit, or ‘Turkish’ Teenager Cem Erbay

Mother keeps vigil near body

Cem Erbay was last seen crossing the one-lane bridge on Wharekaho Road, according to reports.

An autopsy has shown the death of a teenager found on the Coromandel this week was not suspicious.  [This can only happen in New Zealand.]

Detective Senior Sergeant Mark Greene of the Waikato CIB said the preliminary findings were that 19-year-old Cem Erbay suffered a number of injuries before he died.

“The pathologist reports that Cem suffered a number of injuries, most likely in a fall and that these, combined with his heart condition, were the major contributors in his death.”

The report was completed in Auckland today after Erbay’s body was found, in thick undergrowth, about 50 metres into a pine plantation, 100 metres from the Matarangi Shopping Centre on Monday. 

Seven [reported] drownings in three days

[Reported Holiday] Road toll “unchanged” despite [Additional] death [This, too, can only happen in New Zealand!]

Police Murder Another “Fleeing” Driver

A teenager was killed in yet another of the police’s chase-to-kill pursuits.


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