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Another Psyop by NZSIS?

Posted by te2ataria on January 31, 2011

Fairfax New Zealand: More Porky Pies

More of NZ Leading Media’s Disgraceful Lies Exposed

In an article titled: NZ ‘a tourist death trap’ says hate website, a Fairfax Media journalist has written  blatant lies about this blog.

The image caption published with the dishonest report reads:  “NEW ZEALAND: The country’s reputation as a natural safe haven has taken a hit. ”

Lie No 1: “a natural safe haven”

A baby fur seal was attacked by two males in Henderson Creek last week had to be put down. Two men were seen repeatedly bashing the young pup on the head. The seal received extensive bruising to one side of his head, and had bleed from the eyes, nose and muzzle. In another seal attack 25 seals were bashed to death at Ohau Point near Kaikoura in early December.

Even the Irish Visitors Are “Fair Game”

Robbie O’Brien
Robbie O’Brien, 31, one of thousands of tourists who are attacked/mugged/harmed in New Zealand each year. He suffered cuts to his face and needed hospital treatment.

Lie No 2

The intellectually dishonest report calls this blog: “A hate-filled website”.

This blog, dedicated to the victims of New Zealand tourism, aims to warn tourists about the dangers of visiting New Zealand.

New Zealand is probably one of the most toxic tourist destinations in the world. The unsuspecting foreign visitors risk a litany of health hazards including exposure to excessive UV radiation, unknown volumes of lethal chemical agents that have extensively contaminated the environment and toxic algae poisoning.

Being human, the Moderators also express their opinions about other issues FREELY!

Lie No. 3

Old-fashioned McCarthyism

“A hate-filled website has appeared”

This is typical McCarthyism at its worst. This blog was registered 35 moths ago, on February 28, 2008 and has since posted regular information about tourism and other dangerous issues in New Zealand.

Lie No. 4

Misrepresentation by Omission

The website also claims two foreigners are killed in New Zealand every three days, and goes on to describe the country as a “tourist death trap”. In comparison with those claims, Statistics New Zealand data showed that almost 30,000 people died in New Zealand in 2008, or 246 every three days.

This blog’s claim about the number of foreigners killed in New Zealand are backed with references. The great majority of Internet links posted on the blog  point to reports published by New Zealand media, including Stuff New Zealand owned by Fairfax Media (and operated by you know whom!)

Lie No 5

The report says: “The results of a recent visitor survey on perceived levels of security came back with a response of 8.8 out of 10.”

But it fails to provide any details about the survey (who carried it out; when was it taken; what were the questions asked; how many people surveyed; why was it necessary to have such trumped-up survey, and so on).

Lie No 6

“Internal Affairs said it had no power to act on the contents of the website because it was not covered under the Films, Videos and Publications Classification Amendment Act 2005, which centred on sexually explicit content, including child porn.”

“All inquiries were referred to police HQ, with a spokeswoman there saying: ‘This site and its contents are not worthy of any response.'”

Both the NZSIS and Internal Affairs/Police Farce have previously hacked this blog on at least 3 separate occasions. The Moderators regularly receive death threats both express and implied.

Furthermore, a large proportion of the information posted here are filtered and blocked by various sources, including Google search engines.

Worst of all, the NZ government seems to have coerced and cajoled WORDPRESS, the blog host, to minimize the blog’s exposure on Internet by disallowing all the related tags and categories that identify the content, among other tricks. [This information was true as of posting.]

Lie No 7

“Moderators from the website did not respond to inquiries.”

The journalist who concocted the report posted the following message on the blog:

Hi there, It is Neil Reid here from Fairfax Media. I am trying to get in touch with your moderator. Could you please email me with a contact email or phone number. Thanks heaps. Neil

To which one of the Moderators replied 9 days ago:

Hi Neil
To protect themselves against the state’s secret and paramilitary police forces, and the army and private assassins, blog moderators have devised a system of intermediaries for essential non-blog communication.

Your query would be dealt with in confidence, if you post your questions here in the comments section. It won’t be made public. One of the Moderators will then contact you directly via an email forwarder, if necessary.

More information about the Blog Moderators and Contributors

  • TEAA Moderator (100 percent Maori)
  • D.H. Moderator  (“white”)
  • 2 other Maori contributors
  • 4  regular contributors in Australia, U.S. and Europe (all of whom are also “white”)

What has all of these lies got to do with NZSIS, their latest Psyop and why NOW?

Think carefully! If we were the “bad guys”, then our “enemies,” namely the PM and his gang, must be the “good guys”. And if the good guys plan to rob the country out of its assets then they must be doing the “right thing”.  All that stands between you and your mind viewing as “benefactorial” the acts of daylight robbery committed by John Key and his gang is a simple and highly vulnerable emotional switch, one which is very easy to flip!

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10 Responses to “Another Psyop by NZSIS?”

  1. Paul said

    I like how they quote the statistic of 246 people dying every three days, as if tourists are directly comparable to the old and the terminally ill. As for the hate-filled website, I too hate that people and wildlife are being killed unnecessarily, and so should they.

    • te2ataria said

      It would be interesting to know what proportion of the 246 people die prematurely from unnatural causes like food and environmental poisoning, melanoma, exposure to deadly chemicals, cancer, the superbugs … and all other human-induced causes that the government has kept mum about.

  2. Jaywalk said

    [Jaywalk (!) dump the anecdotal. Get some real data and we’ll talk. Moderator]

  3. danalite said

    They are exploiting the existence of this site, framing it as an outlier “hysterical” position, so they can assert that the actual tourist death rates are not as bad as what this so-called “hate site” claims. They admit right in that article that tourists have an unrealistic notion that New Zealand is a safer place than it actually is. Someone just doesn’t like the way you are saying it. You know what that tells me? You are making a difference.
    “Internal Affairs said it had no power to act on the contents of the website”
    What I want to know is, “who’s asking them to ***ACT*** on the contents of the website?” Someone’s ox is being gored. Keep up the good work, guys.

  4. JLT said

    You certainly did not think the monarch worshiping British colonists would take having the truth exposed laying down, did you?

    I note their article did not ever get around to actually denying any of the charges merely attempted minimalization, excuses and diversion.

    And they did in fact admit a number of the things you have exposed here were the truth.

    Remember you are dealing with congenital psychopaths, as you have noted in describing pakeha in other parts of this blog.

    • te2ataria said


      “I note their article did not ever get around to actually denying any of the charges merely attempted minimalization, excuses and diversion.”

      It’s baffling how people settle for this kind of 19th century “excuses and diversion”.

      “Remember you are dealing with congenital psychopaths, as you have noted in describing pakeha in other parts of this blog.”

      The blog has also acknowledged the existence of a few “pious pakeha.”

  5. Indian Immigrant said

    I regret coming to NZ. Not just because of overt racism and constant fear of crime, but also because of poor wages, high tax and really expensive cost of living.

    Will be leaving soon. All the best guys.

    [Edited by Moderator for clarity.]

  6. kath said

    Wonderful blog!

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