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Dolphin Watch Ecotours does it again!

Posted by te2ataria on February 5, 2011

Another day, Another Tourist Disaster in NZ

Many injured as boats collide in NZ’s Marlborough Sounds

A Dolphin Watch Ecotours (!) catamaran crashed into an Outward Bound cutter vessel  injuring at least 8 people in the Marlborough Sounds this afternoon.

Students on Outward Bound cutter boat end up in the water near Picton Harbour after their boat was hit by a Dolphin Watch Ecotour boat. Photo courtesy of Alison Kelso.

Two people are believed to have received serious to critical injuries, while the others sustained broken bones injuries.

The catamaran was about 20 minutes out of Picton heading towards Motuara Island in the Queen Charlotte Sound when it collided with the other boat at about 2.30pm, one of the passengers said.

The first thing the Dolphin Watch Ecotour CEO said was that they’ve suspended the boat “captain” but WILL continue with business as usual.

The catamaran had 18 passengers on board and the cutter 11.

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Another Aussie Goes Missing in NZ Lake

Posted by te2ataria on February 5, 2011

Aussie Couldn’t Swim 55 Meters?

Aussie, 27, Vanishes on Lake Rotoroa, in Nelson Lakes National Park

There’s something fishy about this story. Judge for yourself.

An Australian tourist went missing on Lake Rotoroa, in Nelson Lakes National Park yesterday, after jumping off his boat and trying to swim 55 meters to shore.

“His companions continued to shore, from where they could see their friend who seemed fine in the water,” according to a report.

“However, his friends were about to head back out onto the lake when he disappeared.”

Official Death Toll from Drowning

The official government figures for 2010 drownings stands at 27 victims since the New Year, 19 in January and 8 in February, so far. [The blog will provide more reliable figures later in the year.]

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