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Dolphin Watch Ecotours does it again!

Posted by te2ataria on February 5, 2011

Another day, Another Tourist Disaster in NZ

Many injured as boats collide in NZ’s Marlborough Sounds

A Dolphin Watch Ecotours (!) catamaran crashed into an Outward Bound cutter vessel  injuring at least 8 people in the Marlborough Sounds this afternoon.

Students on Outward Bound cutter boat end up in the water near Picton Harbour after their boat was hit by a Dolphin Watch Ecotour boat. Photo courtesy of Alison Kelso.

Two people are believed to have received serious to critical injuries, while the others sustained broken bones injuries.

The catamaran was about 20 minutes out of Picton heading towards Motuara Island in the Queen Charlotte Sound when it collided with the other boat at about 2.30pm, one of the passengers said.

The first thing the Dolphin Watch Ecotour CEO said was that they’ve suspended the boat “captain” but WILL continue with business as usual.

The catamaran had 18 passengers on board and the cutter 11.

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2 Responses to “Dolphin Watch Ecotours does it again!”

  1. Thisspace said

    Boat operators enjoy thrilling the tourists with risky driving of the same type that you see on the roads here. I have taken a few jetboat tours in G-Z, and the pilots actually “get off on” taking risks with their passengers. Drivers pass with breathtaking idiocy on the roads, and I hate taking my life in my hands riding in personal cars with Kiwis at the wheel. I don’t understand why they would challenge fate like that and in this way put other people’s lives in greater danger. It is downright sociopathic. They seem to crave doing it, even professionals, as we are not talking about just young, poor or ignorant hoons here.

    Why are most Kiwis idiot drivers?
    By Eric Thompson
    “Our roads are the equivalent of blacktop goat tracks compared to most of the developed world yet there’s no system in place to train young, old, new or immigrant drivers how to deal with our particular conditions.”

    It is more than that. I swear it is some sort of death wish transmuted into a kill wish. It is something sociopathic and desperate. I avoid driving as much as I can, even if it means paying the extortionistic prices for domestic air travel.

    SKIING down active volcanoes is perfectly alright, so is bungy-jumping off canyons and “zorbing” down mountains in massive inflatable plastic balls.
    “But should risk-taking New Zealanders be allowed to pop the legal stimulants they call “party pills”? Frenzy, Torque and D-lite may not be New Zealand’s best-known inventions, but kiwi fans fighting a proposed government ban argue their legal highs are safer than many of the small country’s dangerous pastimes.”

    “Almost 100% of New Zealanders plan to visit a beach at least once this summer – however 47% predict they will swim at a beach not patrolled by Surf Lifeguards.” Children swept off in rips, do these comprise the bulk of the appalling child accident statistics, or is it the beatings, or the road safety problems?

    I have been here reluctantly, mired in a sad situation that prevents me from leaving, for many miserable years now. Granted, I wake up many mornings and feel like throwing myself off a cliff (without a bungee) to find myself still in New Zealand after a night in some other place, even if only in my own mind. But to take risks the way Kiwis do with other human lives, including those of their own children, that is something I could never do. Maybe if I were raised here, I could disconnect myself to that extent from any sense of responsibility. But I was not raised here, and I find it weird, disgusting and horrifying. Their attitudes are entirely alien and f****d-up to me, and I long for the day that I can leave this place and never look back. Not once will I look back.

    • te2ataria said

      The blog moderators sympathize with you. Although this may be of little or no consolation, you are not alone in this predicament… we know about dozens of others in similar quandary. WE PRAY you’ll leave New Zealand alive.

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