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Canadian Tourist Killed in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on February 8, 2011

Another day, Another Tourist Killed in NZ

Canadian tourist killed after powerboat collided with buoy near Matakana Island

Thanks to the 5.6m runabout skipper and the rescuers, it took 20 minutes before the body of the Canadian tourist was finally recovered.

UPDATE: The dead Canadian tourist has since been identified as Richard Evans, 63, whose NZ death clock rang out.

The passenger on the 5.6m runabout died after the boat struck a channel marker buoy near Matakana Island, northwest of Mount Maunganui, about 1.50pm yesterday. It is understood the man who died was a Canadian tourist in his 60s.

The 65-year-old skipper was taken to Tauranga Hospital with lacerations to his face and serious injuries.

Immediately after the collision a boatie in a nearby yacht named Wind Rose put out a mayday signal and tethered the yacht to the upturned boat.

Harbour warden Brian Rogers, who was third on the scene after responding to the call, said rescuers were not immediately aware of how many people were involved in the collision.

Clearly, they needed Einstein to suggest a quick search under the capsized boat.

“There was initially some confusion … [the rescued man] was clearly dazed and confused so the searchers weren’t sure whether they were looking for a second person or not.

“He was in shock, understandably, so he wasn’t very coherent,” the warden said.

A crewman from the Port of Tauranga pilot boat dived under the capsized hull and emerged with an unconscious body.

Mr Rogers pulled the man on to his vessel and, with a colleague, performed CPR on him for 10 minutes.

“Then the coastguard told us to stop. He’d been under the water for 20 minutes and had a massive head injury. I don’t think there was anything that could be done for him.”

The coast guard who had finally noticed the “seriousness of the injuries” said, the pair must have been “travelling at a high speed,” the report said.

On average, two foreigners are killed in New Zealand every three days.

At least 2,023 foreign students, tourists and new immigrants have been Killed in NZ between  January 2000 and 7 February 2011 [About 10,000 others seriously injured.]

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